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beulah on NPR

good god. here i was at 5:57 listenning to the news on NPR (all things considered) and friggin BEULAH IS ON.
what the hell!
they reviewed their newest album and said lots of nice stuff about it. wow.
if you want to listen to it, here it is

c'mon... i know you want to contribute movie reviews.. c'mon.

Internet Decision Maker
that is who a piece of mail was directed to. poor taiwai has to open the mail in the office, which used to be fun, but now is kind of stressful.
remember a year ago? when we were comfortable in our anxiety free lifestyle. on that note, i want to go ahead an apologize to the future grandchildren of the world for the stories we will tell them about the 1990's.
"before this country was the United States of the Taliban, we had a wonderful time that we called the 1990's, where we had things called the 'world wide web', indie rock, and women got to do fun stuff, like go outside, or go to the store....."

have you seen the news footage of them hitting women in the streets? what is up with that? what a bunch of insecure assholes.
i like how some news people pronounce it "tally-ban", and it sounds so happy. "the tally-ban took their nappie with their blanky and they were soooo sleepy"
if i was a carnie (and how do you know i am not?) i would open up a taffy stand and call it 'the Taffiban'. other than the name, i guess it would just be a regular taffy stand.

you know who is a creative genius? taiwai.
you know who is a animation/flash genius? matt.

gotta brush better
liz is getting her teeth checked, and as she is leaving she says, "if you need me, call my cell". i think i will try to call her while she's in the chair. that would be fun.

r: "liz, there is a problem at the farm"

l: "augh woooo ugghh slasssius oooooo" (insert that little suction tool sound in the background)


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