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You say Potato, I say Aardappel

someone once sent me an email and said that there weren't enough pictures of cats on this website. being a fan of cats and dogs (but not wanting to come off as a cat or dog freak) i have a large collection of pictures of animals doing stuff. well, maybe not stuff. more like sitting. but still.
so if you want some pictures of cats, go to the PHOTOS of FUN section and click on the Cats i know section to see a bunch of cats.

i have been listening to a lo-fi girl band (actually, it's one girl) called Solex, and was looking at some of the titles of their songs, and just based on the titles, i think they rock...
finger exercise 1
That'll Be 22.95
All Licketysplit
oh blimey
oh cripes
You say Potato, I say Aardappel
The dot on the i between the h and t
Look... no fingerprints!
The Burglars Are Coming!
dork at 12 o'clock
Rolex By Solex
Solex Feels Lucky
When Solex Just Stood There

this morning, there were too many red stars on the robot. visually it looked crappy. maybe i need to do something about that (or just shut and not complain that people are submitting new content :)

the subway was all messed up monday morning. that is what you need on a monday... screwed up subway. i took a 1 train in, which runs local. that took about 1 hour, compared to the normal 20-25 minute commute.
the MTA has a website that claims to keep you updated on any service outages. the other day there were service outages, and i went to the website like a good citizen, and saw a blinking "service advisory" button. blinking.
so i clicked that.
and it had late breaking news about the world trade center collapse screwing up the tunnels.
oh good.. i didn't know that.

did anyone see raquel saturday night? we got her real sauced on friday.

i was just reading some comments on plastic and i saw this quote about NYC's upcoming mayoral election:
I'm just happy I don't have to go into a NYC voting booth next month to choose between Mark Green (We're Screwed) or Mike Bloomberg (You're Screwed - I'm Still Rich).


why do i always put off having to pee. here i am working, and my brain is saying "you have to urinate... you have to urinate..."
and i thinking "no, no.. just give me another minute."
i put it off and off... until my i have to run to the bathroom, knocking people over.
the point is: i bet this hurts my kidneys or something and in 20 years i will regret not listening to my brain.

what's heartburn feel like? i think i have it.

do you think he's waving at me?
"hello mr happyrobot man!"
good lord, i hope not. i don't need that kind of trouble.

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