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a lot of people ask me what the inspiration was for happyrobot, and for years i have kept it a secret, but after all these tragic events i feel like sharing with all the people the inspiration that has inspired me for so long.

this has been my favorite website for as long as i can remember. longtime happyrobot users will instantly see the same style that i have spent years copying.

to really get a feel for the site, check out the design firm's own website, and click on examples of their portfolio. literally, shit will start flying around.

That is the idea behind The Web Village a perfect portal for locating existing websites in a stimulating infotational manner.

well, after making fun of other people, i don't feel so good. but you have to admit, it's a pretty funny site.

do you use the happyrobot start page? if you do, does it load a lot faster now? if you can tell a big difference, drop us a line. the start page was re-engineered to be more infotational and faster loading.

the next version of the happyrobot start page will allow you to add your own links and 'stuff'... they will be out soon. would you like that? would you use it? is anyone out there?

by the way, the official word of the 2001 happyrobot is : infotational

about the weather
it's beautiful here in nyc today. how is it where you are?

gal pal
mrs. happyrobot worked on a documentary that premiered on the Bravo (DuVall all the time) Channel. she did a lot of stuff on it, and it's the world premiere of our handy sony digital video camera (she actually shot some footage with it that they ended up using)
Arena: Aeros: Inside Upside Down

please note: the bravo poll of the day today was "Which 'FRIENDS' big screen film appearance is your favorite?"

did you read about the SUPER CROC!! look out! super croc!

email i just got from my pal eric
I've got it. From here to fore, when I have a really important email to send to friends and relatives, I'm going to make the subject read: "Increase Breast Penis Viagra".

I figure, with all those hot, exciting, provocative buzzwords going for it, how could it possibly be ignored?

Am I right people! (that's my new slogan, and I want it on my tombstone when the time comes...right under the teeny tiny print that says, "If you can read this, you're standing over my rotting corpse!")

jc going bye bye :(

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