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many vampires

um. i don't feel tardy
sometimes flights into LaGuardia come right over our building, and ever since 9/11/01 it makes me jumpy. the problem is of course is that as they are preparing to land they are a bit lower than normal and making these weird decrease speed / landing type noises, which unfortunately sounds just like what i believe a jet would sound like before it crashes into our six story building.
it's funny to imagine terrorist groups targeting our building. maybe they had gotten kicked out for throwing parties and they are getting their revenge. except of course, they would then be dead... but let's not sweat the details.

my halloween costume?
evan brought some walkie talkies, and so we were '2 guys with walkie talkies'. it was quite fun and went over well i think.
this is my list of costumes that i saw:

cigarette girl
the brat pack
anna kournikova (done by a guy who looked like matthew broderick)
many vampires
many vikings
drunk frat guy picking fight (might of not been a costume)
4 japanese kids all dressed like robots
the easter bunny (with painted eggs)
the crazed college professor who is mailing anthrax
uncle sam
2 guys with walkie talkies (brilliant! genius!)
rachel with blonde hair
a guy with a tv on his head, and a coleco-vision on his chest

speaking of costumes, please (!!) check out this site. it's a gallery of those crappy costumes that they used to sell back in the 70's and 80's.
maybe they still make these, but they were the ones that had the character you were portraying on the chest... even as a kid, i knew that was pretty dumb.
i had a stormtrooper costume that had a great storm trooper mask, but it "STORM TROOPER!!!" written across the front with a picture of a stormtrooper.
i was thinking, "stormtroopers don't have 'stormtrooper' written across their armor..."

i hated those things.

hindsight is 32/32
now i am thinking it woulda been cool to of gone as Robert Pollard
from gbv. i coulda drank jack daniels and budweiser and jumped around and saluted... although i don't think i have the necessary swagger to pull it off.

hey. it's the gbv video for 'glad girls'. damn catchy.

another plane just went over.

and another. it's 12:09am... don't these pilots sleep?

i came up with a great pickup line last night, but i have forgotten it since. this is a tragedy, because i thought it was really really good.

daylight savings time. oh boy, it gets darker now. goodie.

did you read the 2-Sentence Movie Review for "Waking Life", the new Linklater film? Lawton's review is pretty awesome.

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