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Blood Moon - the stinker

happy halloween
it doesn't seem like a lot of people are dressed up for halloween today. is it the same where you are?
liz says tonight there will be a "blood moon".. or harvest moon. speaking of 'blood moon', mrs happyrobot worked on a movie called 'blood moon' that was a real stinker. it was supposed to take place in nyc, but was filmed primarily in wilmington, nc.

one of my favorite scenes included the heroes running down the street (supposed to be nyc) and as they are running passing yards with grass and trees.
there are also a whole bunch of scenes with a fake leg that 'kicks' people... they used that for the close-ups of the people getting kicked instead of someone's actual foot. why?

i think *someone* needs to write a full review of the production of this movie.
hey. here's a good review of the movie...
how do these movies get funding? i guess they sell them really well to the investors... or the investors are retards. or something.
anyone know?

news items i just saw...
Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and British soccer captain David Beckham have the best celebrity bodies in the world, according to a 2001 poll published by Celebrity Bodies magazine. Lopez beat out actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and former supermodel Elle Macpherson.

Celebrity Bodies magazine!!
WTF kind of magazine is this?

back to blood moon.. the writer of blood moon, also did... (2001)
American Dragons (1997) (story)
Bloodmoon (1997)
Superfights (1995)
American Shaolin: King of the Kickboxers II (1993)
American Shaolin (1991)
King of the Kickboxers, The (1991)
No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers (1990)
No Retreat, No Surrender II (1989)
No Retreat, No Surrender (1985)

damn it!
the worse news ever: Coca-Cola just bought the company that produces Fresh Samantha. crap!

i have nothing else to write.
i will go now.

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