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go outside. it's nice

happy first day of november
for halloween, i borrowed a big black 'heavy metal-esque' wig from my pal eric and wore that. i have no idea what i was supposed to be, except for a guy who had just got off work and was wearing a big wig.
when we got in, the cat looked at me like i was some stranger. that was fun. animals with little walnut sized brains are fun, aren't they?

adina and lisa have all listed their past halloween outfits.. here are mine.

new waver (used to call it 'punk rocker', but in hindsight it wasn't very 'punk')

then in college, i did more abstract costumes, such as

kicking ass
the evils of malt liquor

high art literary tradition
on our email listbot thing, we were discussing that whole oprah book club / JONATHAN FRANZEN controversy. this article in the boston globe quoted him as saying,"I feel like I'm solidly in the high art literary tradition".
i find that funny.
i also realize that happyrobot is probably not in that tradition, but i promise you this, by the start of 2002, happyrobot will be compliant with the *high art literary tradition*!
i swear.

now, back to boobies.
oh wait.

this is what's on my winamp today
-nicolo conte
we are rocking today.

go outside. it's nice.

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