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observe 'pony' in her natural habitat

Hello Cold?
took monday off and kicked it leisure style. as we were going to get some breakfast, we realized that fall must of hit sometime sunday night. it was super windy and a bit chilly, and all the leaves had turned and were falling. apparently fall in nyc will only last a day or two.

i think i want to spearhead a nyc fact finding mission to toronto to visit adina. the nyc happyrobot staff, while drunk in a cab, all thought that was a good idea. except raquel who had some issue about driving that far (she'd rather fly i think). dang. i think it would be a good idea to observe 'pony' in her natural habitat... who knows what we may find.
maybe i should apply for a grant for my studies somewhere.

updated a few things in my spare time.

-the haiku record review page was fiddled with.

-the start page has haiku record reviews on it

-so does the palm version

-i did something else, too. but i forgot what it was.

sony dsc-p5
i got a new camera over the weekend, the sony dsc-p5. that is my big news.
i had a dsc-p1, which is still a fine camera. the p5 has just a bit more dorky photo technical things. dorky photo technical things make my loins ache. or something like that.
digital photography review has a great review of the camera. actually, they have great reviews of most digital cameras.
the nice thing was that i sold my p1 and an old film camera i wasn't using anymore to get this, so it ended up costing very little, and i freed up some space in the camera bag. i think my camera count now is 12.

enough about dumb toys.

hello. i am a fucking idiot.i called verizon to cancel our voice mail thing. we pay about $8 for voice mail, but the thing is that no one calls us on the home line (just on our cell phones) so the voice mail is rarely used and we have an old answering machine just sitting there. i mean, we get maybe a message a week.
so i called verizon. they tend to be idiots, and this time was no exception. i was also cancelling the listings in the phone book (who uses a phone book anymore, other than telemarketers). they kept asking me why i was cancelling all this stuff, and then proceeded to try to sell me more crap...
"well, i see you don't have caller-id"
"do you want call-waiting?"
such idiots. they couldn't figure out that i wanted *less* verizon products.

the same thing happened once with AT&T when i called to complain about their constant telemarketing. the woman got my info and also gave me the information on who to write to if i wanted to do that.
and then she launched into her script trying to sell me more long distance shit. i asked her why in the world i would want to spend more money with the company that had been telemarketing us constantly for the last month. apparently that question wasn't on her script.

poor ol' call center people.

don't get me started about the retards who run customer service at the new york times.
(well, you can always read my story here)

WWMJD is in upstate ny. let's all wish him well in his travels.

happy birthday!

god. it's late.

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