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they constantly break my heart

our johns

our pal john conger just walked out of the office for the last time. how sad. i feel like making a reflective film about him. you know, all slow-mo and soft focus. soundtrack could be 'memories' or something like that.

hi. how's it. John Lawton's birthday is today (friday 11/9). he will be 17 or 33 or 12 or something. but, let's wish him a happy birthday in our own individual ways. happy birthday john.
(there are new photos from john's beer fest in the photo of fun section)

enough about guys named john.
they constantly break my heart.

unrelated points

* there is a new train story about being on 'high alert'. have you read that one? i like it. thanks to everyone who sends in stories.

* did you see those goofball NYC Tourism commercials. pretty clever i thought.

* as far as camera's go, the nikon coolpix 5000 is pretty dang cool. i am geeking out on it as we speak (but i am still very happy with my current one).

* eric in boston sent out a link to a great article about how beauty triggers things in men's brains the same way food or other pleasures do. read it here.

* i think i really like the band Spoon.

* i had cocaine once when i was in the hospital getting my wisdom teeth taken out. what was up with that? (i didn't even get to have a cocaine fueled orgy)

* i went with matt to go buy him a new camera at adorama. they close early on friday, and we got there late, and he has no new camera. we decided that religion really gets in the way of being a consumer sometimes.

* andrew, we didn't have a 'going away' party for conger.

* friday!

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