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single, straight billionaire in Manhattan

what the frickfack. damn aeroplanes, why do you keep a crashin'?!
plane crashes are so sad, and when they crash into a bunch of people's homes, that stinks even more. oh well.
my mom just called to check on us... moms, they are so cute, aren't they?

unrelated rock note:
my friend scott's band was reviewed on this website. this is one of the reviews:
In the great way!!!
Wow, the drum is awsome. It sound punk and I like that song. Usually, I do not listen to punk but this song is very very great. Continue in thsi way, you are in the good!

the president was in the city this weekend, which meant that there were fighter jets and helicopters zooming around. i actually didn't see the fighter jets, but i am 99% sure that's what we were hearing... the same sounding jets that were circling the city on september 11. lot's of activity in the air.

i didn't see dubya. he doesn't call us much anymore after all the terror attacks.

is it me, or does the phrase "terror attacks" sound real awkward? i keep thinking we could come up with something that sounds a bit smoother.

we have this new mayor... this mike bloomberg fellow. sometimes he seems like a cocky jack ass, but i did read an article in the paper this weekend stating that he serves fried chicken at his fancy dinner parties that he holds in his home. fried chicken! now that is my kind of billionaire mayor.
there was also an article comparing bloomberg to george w bush... this was comparing their hobbies:

Bush: Fishing, country music, reading biographies and mysteries, running, weightlifting.
Bloomberg: "Theater, dining and chasing women. Let me put it this way. I'm a single, straight billionaire in Manhattan. What do you think?"

well, at least he's honest.

the homeland defense agency. do you have any idea what they are supposed to do? i read their goal on the whitehouse website, and i was thinking, "isn't that what the fbi is supposed to do?"
i mean, how do we expect this new agency to any better than the almost comical CIA and FBI? i am sure they will end up not communicating with each other and drag us into another mess.
did you hear that georgeW has asked Wayne F*cking Newton to be the official entertainer for our troops? what the hell is going on in washington? when did wayne newton become relevant to our society? they might as well of nominated michael jackson.

new stuff on the radio station.
ok. see you.

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