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every girl is my girlfriend

First, if you don't like clicking links, leave now. this robot journal entry is all about links and lists of things and run on sentences. how this is different from the normal entries, i don't know...

we kicked ass Scrabble Style this weekend. let me tell ya.

the guy who wrote the Key of Z book and produced the cd compilation had some sort of show this past weekend that i missed, but my pal Eric went to. dang. (key of Z is all about outsider music)
while looking on the site to see if there were any future dates, i saw this: The Langley Schools Music Project

it was some sort of music program in a school where they had a whole bunch of kids singing popular songs in the auditorium. their cover of the david bowie song 'Space Oddity' is amazing.. you can listen to an mp3 right there on the site.

ok, this is really isn't PC, but this weekend i was really looking for some tard rock. sorry. this is what i got:

the kids of whidney high. i have always loved their songs about bugs and taking out the trash, but i found a real gem called "every girl is my girlfriend". that is now my motto.

Chris "Corkie" Burke: the song isn't great (not like his "California Dreaming") but the title is one of the best song titles ever - "Awesome McTechno's"

as kids, my brother and i had a few good K-Tel records. the note worthy ones were:
High Energy - late 70's disco. i wanted it because it had Le Freak

The Beat - i still have this. it was an early 80's new wave collection.

Rock 80 - came out in 1980, and had half lame rock and half pre-new wave. it had gary neuman's "cars" on it which i totally dug.

remember the band Ultravox? i was just listening to spinner radio's 'alternative 80's' channel (which sometimes really sucks, and sometimes doesn't) and they were playing Ultravox and i felt 15 again. or 16. i forget.
ultravox was cool for the following reasons (to a teen me)
1. their name. duh.
2. lead singer's name: midge ure.
3. they were doing that new romantic movement thing that all the kids liked.

on a side note, the phrase "alternative 80's" makes me cringe. i am not sure why.

my friend mark is a fancy movie camera man. he wrote me today:

I'm working with John Travolta and Vince Vaughn. We're all re-shooting the
ending to Domestic Disturbance, because the test audience actually laughed
out loud at the original ending.

i keep thinking about those missionaries that were arrested in afghanistan last month for 'spreading' christianity. remember them? (this was after Condit, but before the WTC disaster)
have they just been left for dead?
i can't seem to find any updated news about them.

9.25.01 12:17am... i think there is a storm coming. the wind has really picked up.

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