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it's either the bulbs or the running water

so when i refer to the 'office' i mean the office i work in where i actually get paid, not the happyrobot office. just wanted to clarify that. every now and then someone writes me and says something to the effect of "is happyrobot your only job", which makes me laugh.
if that was true, my robot journals would be a lot different...
this weekend in port authority i met some real nice men, and i found a new and bigger box to live in. covad says they will have my new box wired up in one week

but back to reality. the reality of the 'office' is that it's getting darker and darker. the lighting system here is on the fritz and the very expensive bulbs blow out a lot. the management person on the west coast says replacing all the bulbs so frequently is too expensive and has suggested possibly suing the guys who did the lighting here for such a shoddy job.
meanwhile it's getting darker.
i don't think this is good for our eyes... the bright monitors and the dark dark.

note that the expensive bulbs / light system was bought in what we called the "dot com" boom, which i am sure at the time didn't seem like a lot of money. except now during the post "dot com" / pre apocalypse boom, they cost too much.

it's either the bulbs or the running water.

bottom line : i can't see nuttin.

anybody wanna fight?

i am reading this dumb book 'shadows' about the influence of watergate on the past presidents up to our pal clinton (pronounced CLINN-TONN!)
and i just got to the Clinton meeting Monica. they had some dirty + good times together... it has made the book a lot more interesting.

speaking of doing it, did you see this? now there's a dirty good time.

Not a hoot!
i like that Strokes album. i didn't think i would. but i do.

what would you say if i told you i can get you term life health insurance at half the rate you are paying now?

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