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Freezing on the beach

November 20... Happy birthday to Kristen.
Kristen, here are some WORDS FROM KRISTEN: happy birthday!

Did you watch the meteor shower Saturday night / Sunday morning? That was a pretty neat show.
We rented a car, drove out to fire island, and laid on the beach bundled up with blankets and stared at the sky. Because we heard that you could see them fairly early, we got to the beach at 12:30am when there were only a handful of people there thinking they we could stay for a bit and then go home after an hour or two and get a normal nights sleep.

Next thing I knew it was 3:30am and we were still getting excited every time we saw a dang shooting star. So we ended up staying up all night and watching them and all was fun.
i took some long exposure pictures of the sky, but kept forgetting to close the shutter ("oh, crap, it's still exposing"). we'll see what happens.

Of course, Sunday afternoon was groggy and dazed and squinty eyed, but I did see the internet's wandering through our neighborhood.
He was in this great little film: The Astounding World of the Future
I think I wrote about this before, did you see it?

HB Kitty!
I am listening to the new superchunk album. They are the same age (the band is) as our cat, who celebrated a birthday Saturday. She had a great day and got some 'wet food' and also had some sushi, and then got to sleep all day with us Sunday.
Happy birthday kitty!
Keep chasing the bugs for us!

Have you watched the happy trail movie yet?
Tamara made this movie when she was in "college" and the stomach belongs to a collegiate aged Evan Smith (who I never checked with if it was ok to post his name).

So, the 'Talent Show' movie is from a really weird show that was on cable access in NC. Our friend Eric had taped it and then converted it to MPG format for us. The 10 minutes of it we saw were absolutely... horrifically painful to watch. It was all VHS recordings of people singing in various bars and restaurants to pre-recorded music tracks with lots of mulleted guys trying to do pearl jam sounding songs, plus some dumb mother trotting her precious 4yr old girl out to sing a song. It was hosted by some woman who did basically the same intro for each artist.
"well, how'd you like that? Next up is something from...."

And then he showed us this performance, and I knew I had to share. I don't know exactly what it is about these two people that make me laugh... obviously they can kinda sing, but it probably has something to do with the first line, her hair, and his general demeanor.

"are we ready to rock?"

hope you are all well. American Turkey day is this week. Woo.

Luke be a jedi tonight.

don't get sick (and this means you, rockill)

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