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Happy post usa thanksgiving

Happy post usa thanksgiving. This has been a long weekend, and I think I may actually be looking forward to going back to some sort of structure for a bit after 5 days of doing almost nothing.

We had a wonderful turkey dinner at evan + joanna's house on Thursday. A very long evening of eating, drinking wine, and laughing. And Joanna once again cooked up an incredible feast. Kudos to her.

Here are a few links that I have been entertained with over the past few days:

Hello Lover!
Spank the monkey
This bet to stay in home depot all day
The jump tomorrow website

I am shopping for a printer. Any recommendations? I went to the stores here in the city, and they have nothing. The selection is crappy and the salespeople aren't the most helpful. Oh well. No printer for bongo I guess.

Crap. I can't keep a straight thought in my head, so here is a list of things in my head:

1. we saw the movie Amelie. What a great + fun movie. What are you waiting for? Go see it.

2. this past weekend we did a lot of "night shopping". I needed some stuff, and we ended up two nights in a row going shopping around and after dinner time. Granted the stores can be a bit disorganized after a day of people going through all their stuff, but the crowds aren't too bad and the city is so dang pretty at night these days.

3. need pie? See matt.

4. the whole Afghanistan thing is moving on a pretty quick clip now. Amazing watching all the stuff going on over there… I find that country totally mesmerizing, but that could be due to the current situation. I hope stuff works out we don't end up screwing shit up, as we are apt to do (I mean I fear we will be bombing the northern alliance in 15 years or something).

5. I love the huge SUV trucks with American flags on them. They make me want to yell, "your gas guzzling truck is part of the problem, dumb ass".

6. people in nyc can not drive. Nor can they park. How do the citizens of this city get by without be able to parallel park? Is it a suburb thing? Because I can parallel park about anything.

7. Tonight for dinner we had turkey burgers and beer. Perfect.

He's escaping, idiot! Dispatch War Rocket Ajax! To bring back his body!

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