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Food: It's What for Dinner!

Food: It’s What for Dinner!
Here's the perfect gift for that hard to buy for pal on your holiday gift list. The AV-Geek site is now selling copies of their films on DVD and VHS. actually, i am not sure if "their films" is correct, i think it's just Skip's films. He's a guy who has been collecting educational films from schools... you know those horrible ones we would have to watch about bus safety or not taking drugs. well, he has 8000 of them and shows them to the public, which makes for great fun.

here is a village voice article about all this
and here is the main site

Taiwai Says
liquor recommendation from taiwai: here

Many Questions Ronald
if you know ronald, you will be happy to know that he is doing well after going back to hong kong AND getting a job! woo! you go.
next stop: girls.

Ms. Huffy Wrong Floor
so, here at the office, we don't have a receptionist or front desk. usually it's no big deal because (1) we don't get many visitors and (2) it's a small office.
this woman just got off the elevator. she stood there looking around, but since there is not a welcome desk or whatever she seemed confused. i went back to working. i am too far away from the elevator to worry too much about that area.

she must of stood there for about 5 minutes until she decided to take matters into her own hands and stomped to my end of the office and approached my desk. she seemed very huffy.. being that she came all the way to our office and no one ran up to greet her.

her: "i am here to see 'blah blah'"
me: "who?"
her: "'blah blah'"
me: "and he works in this office?"

now she is pissed off. not only did she stand around un-greeted for so long, but now some jerk (that would be me) doesn't seem to have a clue.

her: "um, yea, he works in this office"

i had this blank look on my face.
she was now really frustrated.

her: "this is the ninth floor isn't it?"
me: "um, no"

then this realization came over her face that she wasn't even on the right floor, and she turned and scooted back to the elevator.

people. so funny!

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