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not to make light of all the terrible terrorist crap that happened in the last 48 hours, but i keep finding myself thinking in my dumb american guy voice, "ok, terrorists, you've had your fun, now cut it out" as if it's just this trend that just became popular.
me and mrs happyrobot were watching this neato documentary about afghanistan, and after that was one called 'Mind of Sucide Bomber". between the afghan documentary and the bomber documentary, they did a news break where they announced the news about the two attacks in jerusalem.
the only reason i tell you about this is right after the newscaster wrapped up the jerusalem story, she said, "now we return to our normally scheduled program, 'Mind of a suicide bomber' already in process".

the show was spooky and sad and scary, but also had a few good "D'Oh!" moments when the bomber's bombs didn't go off, and they would faint or something... i guess these guys didn't do that well in 'crazy suicide bomber school'.

matt johnson? he has a lot of books. i mean, a lot of books. i think he's read them all.

taiwai just witnessed a guy in a limo trying to make a u-turn in the middle of 23rd street, and hitting a cop on a motorcycle. sucks to be that guy.

the weekend report
don't drink a lot, or it can throw a big wrench in your weekend plans.

i did buy a new printer this weekend - the epson 785ex, which so far gets a big thumbs up. makes nice photos and great plain text.

you know what i hate? those damn black box things that are on the plugs of all my computer devices. you know, those dang boxes that take up two spaces on a powerstrip. i bought the printer and a USB hub, and had to add a third power strip under my desk to get everything plugged in. it's not that i have that much stuff, it's just that most of it has those stupid black box things on the plug and hog up all the space. and the frustrating thing is, the one's with the big boxie thing are the minor things, like hubs and scanners... not the computer or monitor or printer.
maybe the guys who make plugs are also making power strips... you know, in cahoots.

i kinda like the mac OS X. if i have to give up my win2000 for XP, i will just become a mac user.

did you see Ginger/IT. pretty neat.


December 3, 2001

Dear Mouse in our office:
I have been appointed, some would say actually self-appointed to further my own personal agenda, to trap and ultimately kill you. Personally, I could care less about your mouse politics, but the powers that be in our human society say that you have two choices:

1. Stay here and die
2. Go somewhere else

Ideally, we would like to capture and send you somewhere far away from the city where you could continue your life in some sort of forest. But, we both realize that this won't happen because I am sure you have heard about forests with all the predators and lack of decent food.

So, I would like to propose that you pack your bags up and maybe move somewhere else. How about 48 hours? Is that acceptable? If we see you again after that point, we will pull out all the stops for your capture.

Nothing personal of course -- I wish you the best of luck with whatever decision you make.

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