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Happy harmonica

Happy harmonica to our harmonica observing readers.

Maybe you haven't noticed this, but the internet is pretty much dead when it comes to free content, but dammit if the happyrobot staff isn't still trudging along making stuff and writing stuff like it's 1999 or something. Like the internet is going to take over the world and solve our problems and help support us monetarily (remember all that?). Well, we are nutty that way.

A good example of our 'can-do' spirit is the new PDA / Mobile / AvantGO version of happyrobot. Now with more free content! Check it out if you have one of them palm things that we all love.
Didja know that you can get McSweeney's on your palm? It's pretty easy, being that their site is pretty much all text. Just add it to your custom channels, and turn off the 'follow links' option.
or get the link off this page.

The printer I got 2 weekends ago still rocks. This weekend I started playing around and printing lots of stuff. I think the comment I made after I saw the first print was something like "monkey f*cker". Espon 785. $200. not a bad deal.
Also, I bought some of the house brand paper at Adorama, and not only is it cheap, it's as good as the fancy Epson and HP paper I have now. Killer.

Sorry about the radio station being off all last week. Those jerkos at Live365 had some sort of network trouble. What a stinky radio setup they have there... I am so sorry that it sucks compared to the old shoutcast system (especially that it ain't free).

The Afghanistan war (or is it conflict?) is getting real interesting now. I hate that I am really paying attention to it now because it's more 'entertaining' but I suppose that's the way things are. Stupid. I wish the people in Afghanistan the best of luck with all this crap. Growing up during the Soviet / Afghan war, I always rooted for them against the soviets (even though I was like 9 years old or something), and it always disturbs me when I see someone in Afghanistan railing against the USA, and I am at home thinking, "you know, I kinda liked you guys... how did all this happen?"
Crap. Enough about war.

True Story #92938 that most of my friends have heard 2000 times, but maybe you haven't...

When I worked at the radio station in college, I was lucky enough to be able to program basically whatever I wanted (until they would fire me, and then rehire me again later) and used to play lots of fun, noisy stuff. My dear grandmother lived in the same town, and would stay up at night and listen to my show (10pm-1am) and I would say "hi grandma" and she would call me the next day and tell me she heard me saying hi to her. It was cute, and I suspect that most people thought the 'hi grandma' comment was something other than me actually saying hi to my grandmother.

The point of this story is that she never said anything about the content of my show, except once when I played 'mirror in the bathroom' by the English Beat. The next day she called and told me that she did not like that song at all.

I was dumbfounded, especially after I realized that I didn't even know what the song was about even after listening to it almost 7 or 8 years.

Anyone know why that song would offend my grandmother? To this day, I don't know.

This just in:
from our souper, Adele, in the UK...
Erm, kid lore here in Britain states that it's about masturbation.

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