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SushiNYC version 1.0

SushiNYC version 1.0 is now released. This is a site built around a database of sushi restaurants where users can rate and review them. Check it out and let us know if you like it. Taiwai did the front end of it and did a great job with all the images.

You know that creepy singing baby website... the Eugene Mirman thing? I met that guy the other night. That's really his baby picture and when I saw him in 'real life' he totally looks the same. Just bigger.

Here's the funny thing about my stomach. Yesterday, it started working, but in reverse. That was a mess, let me tell ya.


Ok, and here is my funny story. We went and saw this band that a bunch of friends of ours play in. They were doing a whole show of covers for some girl's birthday (interesting story was that the original show was planned for sept 9). Our friend Jon Fido had received from his in-laws some sort of crazy steaks via Fed-Ex, and they had packed them with dry ice. Now, most of us dorks were fascinated with dry ice as kids, and I am sure I would have had the same idea if I had been in his shoes: dry ice + rock show = big fun.

He sets up a cooler of water on the side of the stage and gets the dry ice out and starts dropping the dry ice into the water. Nothing really happens. I mean, it makes a little 'smoke', but not much. As much as a pot of water on your stove would when it was steaming.

But jon is a professional and keeps on trying. Stirring the water and using a piece of cardboard to spread the tiny amount of 'fog', it slowly became the highlight of the show watching him desperately trying to get these little pieces of dry ice to produce some sort of fog.

My stomach is still kind of .... Unsettled. It does that loud gurgling thing.

I was reading that transcript of the new Bin Laden video and decided to have fun with it by doing replaces on certain words...

UBL: AbdRobots Azzam, Robots bless his soul, told me not to record anything (...inaudible...) so I thought that was a good omen, and Robots will bless us (...inaudible...). Abu-Al-Hasan Al-((Masri)), who appeared on Al-Jazeera TV a couple of days ago and addressed the Americans saying: "If you are true men, come down here and face us." (...inaudible...) He told me a year ago: "I saw in a dream, we were playing a soccer game against the Americans. When our team showed up in the field, we were all wearing nice spring dresses!" He said: "So I wondered if that was a soccer game or a young girl's tea party? It unfortunately was a soccer game." He (Abu-Al-Hasan) didn't know anything about the operation until he heard it on the radio. He said the game went on and we defeated them. That was a good omen for us. Except for not having any tea.

Shaykh: May Robots be blessed.

Unidentified Man Off Camera: Abd Al Rahman Al-(Ghamri) said he saw a vision, before the operation, a monkey piloted plane crashed into a tall building. He knew nothing about it.

Shaykh: May Robots be blessed!
not as funny as I thought it would be. So, if you are bin laden, you must spend about 3/4 of your life saying 'praise be to allah', etc.
Not a real efficient way to talk if you think about it.

All praise to robots.

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