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do they know it's christmastime

our friend scott and i had a debate about whether the song 'do they know it's christmastime' sucked.
i say it doesn't, he says it does.
this overplayed (in it's heyday) ode to western-centricity . "Raise a glass for everyone underneath that burning sun - do they know it's Christmas time at all?" Well sure they do! Ethopia probably has more missionaries than citizens. We've been shoving our culture down their damn throat for 200 years! The least of their worries is that there aren't pretty lights strung up and the fact that the climate doesn't feel "Christmasy".

this debate went on for hours and included a great side track about the snow being a metaphor or not. after talking to my pal scott about music circa 1984, i fear i would of been beaten up by him in 1984 (if he was that type). my taste in music then was a bit too electronic and british, where he was more post-punk punk. is all about cookies, those little text files that websites store on your computer. i was doing some cookie research and found the site and it's message board. people are posting all sorts of dumb shit on their board.
this is the best one i saw:

Re: My ebay sign on says my server won't accept cookies?
I have sent mail thru bluemountain before with no trouble and
should not be having any trouble signing in. I love free
greeting cards to keep and open communication even if not received at this time, Because of custody issues still in
court pending. Makes a mother feel lide she at least did everything in her power to keep and open communication of a sort with her children and later take them to bluemountain .com and
let them read that she really did remember us with all her heart. And was thinking of us all along thru this whole thing.

hello? freaky freaky.

had a holiday party last night. this is what i got
i plan a whole series of photographs with him over the next week or two. i also got a monkey with a fez.

once, when i worked at the camera shop, i was waiting on this woman and her annoying friend. i turned around to get a brochure of something from behind the counter, and had to move some boxes to get to where they were. one of the boxes was the store's christmas decorations and was labeled "X-MAS DECORATIONS".
the annoying woman saw this, and said to me, "oh i hate when people take the 'christ' out of christmas".

i think of this every year at christmas. not because i agree or disagree, but more that i thought the woman was a douche for hassling me.
even though she probably thought i was some sort of jesus-bashing satan worshipper, i still sold them a camera.
(btw, i was quite the camera seller.)

happy holidays and/or stuff
happyrobot will be a bit quiet until 2002. hope everyone has a fine and dandy holiday (or if you aren't down wid christmas, have a good week).

stay free.

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