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Report from 700 miles south of brooklyn

Report from 700 miles south of brooklyn
The human body cannot handle lots of iced tea. For instance, if you come from a non-iced tea area to a primarily iced tea area, you should not try to 'keep up with the Joneses' in terms of iced tea. Your body will just shut down and start complaining in disturbing new ways.

We are down 'south' visiting the families. The Mr T bobble-head came with us, and I have been making a photo series of him in different holiday locations. Great fun. That will hopefully appear soon on the robot.

Otherwise, all is good. We have got lots of swell gifts and cash, and have gained about 75 pounds a piece. Tomorrow we are going to the 'farm' to play with the animals.

Happy New Year everybody.

Oh, our friends Bo & Jill had one of them dang babies that people seem to have:

From Mark...
The Webbs have finally made the decision.
They went Mac
or should I say MACK.
On December 22 Mack Duyryder Wolf Webb came into this wacky world, weighing in at just under 9 Libbs.
Mother, Baby and Father are all well and expected to be home on Dec the
24th. It must be noted that this baby is beyond all other newborns in
extreme cuteness. and that is the double truth,

Raquel! thanks. hope all is well.

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