how did your new years go?
Ours was happy and fun, and i think people may still like me. we spent the time at a B&B about 2 hours north of the city and had a nice and calm new years eve with some of our pals. (nice enough that i read a book before going to sleep on new years eve, compared to the usual passing out after an evening of goofball antics)

7 things i learned in the past couple of days

1. that invisible fencing thing for dogs really works. pretty neat stuff there.

2. renting a car from newark airport is much cheaper, but they hassle you over a bunch of dumb stuff.

3. little kids can think you are doing magic when you really aren't.

4. eating dinner at 9:30 is usually a fine idea, except when you are in a small town and they run out of food at that point.

5. pay with canadian currency and you get a discount at some toll booths in ny state

6. traffic circles? we call them "roundie rounds"

7. nothing stupid and horrible happened at times square as far as we know

my new years resolution? no idea. do you have one? i rarely make them, and i don't think i have ever followed through on one if i did.

i have nothing else to add at this point, except i have a happyrobot to-do list a mile long right now, so maybe i should do that instead of writing this.

um, keep it real or something in 2002.


here is something i found while looking for some emails that vanished into thin air. this was sent to my lovely wife's cell phone from the house on september 11 at 9:00am after i watched that crap on the news...

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 9:00 AM
Subject: wtc

a plane hit the world trade center! fuck!

she was at the chambers street stop when the first or second plane hit (i forget the exact time line). basically under the dang buildings. not that anyone in the subway was in danger at that point.
in NYC the party / cocktail conversation standards include
"how much rent do you pay?"
and now this new one:
"where were you when the planes hit?"

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