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goals for 2002

goals for 2002
ok, here it is.

-more rock. less talk.

-trip celebrities when i see them on the street.

-hold up traffic more

-save money

-get some new shoe strings

-be the best damn whatever i am i can be

-go to canada

-visit my grammie

-make that cat lose weight

those strokers
matt+lawton+david went to the strokes / GBV show at the apollo theatre on new years eve (after dinner at Sylvia's). he said both bands were good, but they had some standup comedian there doing his 'thing' before the show. tragically for him, the staff there gave out nice new years eve noise makers which made it about impossible for him to do his act.
nice planning on someone's part.
he also said the guy was trying to do some sort of 2002 version of andrew dice clay. oh boy.

{edit - it turns out it was David Cross. oooops}

my lisa-inspired christmas gift list...
red scarf, playstation, nicola conte cd, might magazine book, rungo v rungo game, mr t bobble head guy, purple shirt, money, green shirt, ill fitting bedroom slippers, money, money, red dessert plates, strokes cd, silverware, chocolate bar, black socks, toothbrush, money.
i hope that is all and i didn't forget someone's awesome gift.

matt really likes the Moldy Peaches now.

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