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Reverend Scott Hicks said he was going to kill me

jason said this today
Cop: Hello
Me: Reverend Scott Hicks said he was going to kill me.
Cop: Crazy Scott Hicks?
Me: I guess so.
Cop: Sucks for you.

mrs happyrobot introduced me to the hot chocolate at city bakery. good golly bin laudi that is some good stuff. if you are near 5th and 18th, drop by and try a cup... it's like drinking a brownie.

it's finally snowing in nyc. not a lot, but it's snowing. last night was miserable weather wise. we went out to meet some pals for some indian food and it was freezing and raining. by the time we got to the restaurant, we were all soaked and chilly which is always a wonderful state to be in.
i get real grumpy sometimes when i get rained on. i suppose most people do.

keeping it real
i am keeping it real. real stupid.

you saw that philip morris was changing their name to "altira". creepy monkeys. i guess we'll forget that they were once philipmorris, and now they are this pseudo new-economy, friendly sounding company altira.

jeans team
my new favorite band today. i think they are from germany.
electronic beepy-boopy fun stuff. check them out (they are on audiogalaxy).

the new i-mac
neato. we are watching the mac-world simulcast now and geeking out on all the new stuff (even though i am not a mac user). the new i-mac is pretty groovy looking, but let's hope it doesn't turn out to be the cube for 2002.

redstars and sexism
martin commented that the red star system on the menu works funny in terms of the different writers. if you pay attention to the stars, you will notice that some of them stay 'red' longer than others. well, there is a system to this. the main writers, pony/lisa/kristen/jw are the ones that post fairly often, usually a couple of times a week. the other writers edgedweller/tim/phone-sex don't write nearly as often (but usually write longer entries/stories)... so their star stays red a bit longer.
that's how i coded it to work.

i have a big dumb guy that hides in me and comes out quite often. he came out today when he saw the new ford gt40 concept car. i can't even begin to explain why this thing is so cool. it just is.

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