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I love the FrontLine

Two Nostrils
Our pals the TwoNoses have announced a new show, kind of their greatest hits. If you are in the city, it might be a fun evening for you and your loved ones.

I love the FrontLine
This was last night's subject: "the impact of television on a remote Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. After centuries of self-imposed isolation, Bhutan legalized TV in 1999 -- the last country in the world to do so."
Their website has a whole bunch of information about this episode

It was kind of sad to watch these kids who are now being pulled in by TV and western culture - they are all really into wrestling now. They interviewed one kid who said that he usually spent his day playing with his dog, but not that they have TV, he watches that all the time. The producers missed the opportunity to show his dog sitting there bored and sad.
They also interviewed monks and an old lady who all said that TV was distracting them from their prayers.
Ironically, I watched this on TV. I could have been playing with my cat or my wife, but I wasn't.

Oh little monkey

Poor Chandra
CNN has this horribly bad "what would Chandra look like if she changed her appearance" page on their website. Please check out some of their great hairstyles.

Herschel sent this to me after he saw it on Meta-Filter. It's this British agency that specializes on renting out people who are look-a-likes of famous people. Some of these are too classic not to share...

Gwen Stefani circa 2015
Tina Turner
Our Pal Harrison

The Rock
The only good thing about MTV is that their website has some videos on it (because you aren't going to see any videos on that station). The new Hives video pretty much rocks the muthaf*cking house - check it out if you haven't already.

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