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French Toast

It's an exhibit involving art and robots that will bt at Pratt this weekend. Let's go!

French Toaster
Last night as I am going to bed, I have this idea to eat French toast for breakfast, but I was nervous I would forget my great idea. Fortuantly, I didn't forget it.
So, here is my easy French toast for one unemployed guy recipe:
2 pieces of that almost stale organic bread
1 egg
cup milk
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar
teaspoon of vanilla extract
some cinnamon

stick some butter in a pan. Stick the bread in the goop. Throw the goopy bread into the pan. Get it nice and brown and good looking.
Nuke some fancy syrup while you are doing all this.
Scratch kitty's head

Damn you
On our little NPR show, they are interviewing this college kid from San Francisco State who was an organizer in this pro-Israel rally to combat a pro-Palestinian rally. First, the kid really shouldn't be any group's spokesman because he's got that 'just woke up / I am stoned' style of speach which is more annoying than endearing.
But, the whole point is that they have these rallies where both sides end up pushing each other and yelling hateful crap at each other.
Ugh. It makes me skin crawl - right now I don't think this whole thing will ever be solved.
Hey you can re-live all that hate yourself at SFS's website.

Now on the radio they are talking about the religious right's growing involvement with Israel in this country - oh boy. The guy is saying that their christian group is nervous about Islam not respecting the holy land.
These guys are uber creepy. And quite anti-islam. Woo - jesus.
Their whole argument is that God owes us that land. You know, not to dwell on religion, but do you think God is up there being frustrated and saying, "promised you land?! I will promise you some things, but not real estate. just for that, there's a canker sore."

Yesterday on that Fresh Air show, they interviewed the filmmakers of this documentary about a bunch of Israeli and Palenstenian kids, and their views on each other. Interesting and scary.

I gotta turn off the radio.

Gary Condit
You know, if Gary really had something to do with killing that poor girl, he is a f*cking idiot for leaving her body in that park near his apartment.
Just based on that fact, I can't imagine he had anything to do with it - would someone do something that dumb? um, well, yea. I guess so.
In a movie, Gary's enemies would of killed her, so that it looked like he did, and got him out of office.
Maybe Gary Busey would play him.
I hate you. Start working. Bastard. Get with it. Come on. What is your problem.
Yesterday, the damn DSL was f*cked. It was running at 96Kbps, which let me tell ya - that's real fun.

Missed opportunity
Well, Krispy Kreme once again is doing well. Damnit. Should of got that stock way back then.

OK, the family in our building
Here is their own paragraph. I am not really sure how many people live in the apartment, but it's more than the average family around her. From what I can tell there may be three kids, parents, and grandparents in the apartment. Plus, I swear they are running some sort of Hostel out of there, too.
They like to fight, and are pretty much the loudest residents in the building. Their kids get left at home alone a lot, and end up screaming out each other - and then dad comes home and screams out them (I imagine he is screaming, "What were you screaming about all day!??!")
Their youngest son has a huge head.
Then there is the laundry issue which always entertains visitors that come over. They hang their laundry out to dry in the breezeway... well, 'dry' is a relative term, because they will live it out there for days, maybe weeks. Rain or shine. The TV weather man can be predicting hurricanes and tornados and hail storms and you can look out the window and you will see their laundry. The biggest rainstorms we have had here - their laundry will be out. It can rain for two days straight - their laundry is out.
Then after the storms are over, some of their laundry has fallen off the line onto the ground next to the garbage cans, which they never seem to clean up.

It's entertaining to say the least.

My last story is about one of their bedrooms, which we can right see into (they are across the breezeway from us). People sleep in a bed that is right next to the window, with the window open. It's disconcerting sometimes to look out the window and see some guy asleep. I mean, if I was a jerk, I could easy throw stuff out our window and hit a sleeping guy. It's funny.
Oh, and it's always a different guy, hence the earlier comment about running a hostel.

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