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Kissing Man

New Feature
We got new stuff here on the robot. "The way I see it: Commentary by 'Red Cap' Herschel Weiner".
He's an old man - or maybe he's not. Who knows.
But he writes real fine, so we should love him.
Love him! Love him!

Kissing Man
Did I ever tell you about the little man who is always kissing my wife? There is this Middle-Eastern family in our building (whose hijinks are worth their own separate paragraph) who live downstairs from us. Grandpa lives with them, and is very friendly, but I don't think speaks any English except for a few basic phrases. Whenever he sees Mrs. Robot around (and I am not nearby) he comes up to her and says something like, "Hello Hello Good Morning Good morning Hello Hello" and then will try and usually succeed in kissing her on the cheek. She has some pretty hilarious stories of trying to avoid him and his very sneaky way of always getting her in the end. It's like he's a little boy who chases girls to kiss them.
I think she needs to write these stories down (hint hint).

Damn Kids
I am in line at the drug store buying toilet paper - apparently toilet paper is something we have to have in the house. Well, all of a sudden I hear this tiny little, "hi" from behind me. I turn around and this little boy is sitting in a stroller and his parent's have their back to me and are looking at something. I say, "hello" to him, and as soon as I do, the parents whip around and glare at me for speaking to their kid. They obviously didn't hear him, and thought I was some sort of freako I think.
I turned around so as not to freak out his easily freaked out parents.
2 seconds later I hear another, "hi".
It was cute. I don't think the parent's heard him the second time either. I wanted to turn around and say, "dude, you are getting me in trouble with your parents".
But I didn't. I just bought my poo paper and left.

Big head kid
There is a big headed kid in our building. Small body, huge round head. About 8 years old. He once asked to borrow a flashlight from me. True story.
Really big head, though.

David Blaine
What's up with him standing on a pole. I read this article in the NYT about him, and it was interesting and all, but I find his latest stunt kind of lacking in excitement. Not that standing on a tall pole is something I could do (step ladders can spook me sometimes), it just seems like a very odd thing to decide to do. Especially in these terrorism times.

Humpy Doggie
This was the feature yesterday. A little dog showing love the only way he knows how. Ah, little doggies.

Oh look, he's so scary
Anything that ends up on TRL on MTV is kinda spooky, but it's on the same time as the Simpsons, so every now and then as I am running around the channels I'll see something. Yesterday, I saw the new Eminem video, which I have to say is pretty cool. I don't want to dwell on Enema and if he's cool or not or whatever, but the video is pretty great. I have to give him that. In other news, he is pissed off at people who are already ripping his new CD to put on the all the music trading sites. He was quoted as saying
"Whoever put my shit on the Internet, I want to meet that motherf***er and beat the shit out of him"

Ow. He has some strong views on this whole file sharing thing

Slow DSL
What the hell. Damn DSL. 138 kbps./ 326 kbps.

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