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Attack of the Clones. Kinda sucked.

What a lovely weekend. A good sign of that is if you are completely and utterly exhausted on Sunday night. Now, the advantage of being unemployed is that I can sleep late on Monday morning if needed. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that I don't have a f*cking job.
We ended up strolling down towards the South Street Seaport, which is a notorious tourist trap, but some of the neighboring steets are quite nice and quiet. There are also some really cool looking buildings down there, too. I will be not so quick in making fun of that area next time.

Star Wars Crap
You know, the amount of server space that will be filled with people's web journal reviews of SW: Attack of the Clones must be huge. Everyone and their brother are throwing in their two cents - including me. John has promised me a 2 Sentence Movie Review very soon, but I thought I'd do my own in that distinctive rambling, elliptical-heavy manner that you have all grown so fond, er, wary of.
My points, with convenient numerical thingies:
1. This was so much better than the Phantom Menance.

2. The dialog at times was laugh out loud bad. Other times cringe inducing.

3. Long. Needed a better editor to cut some of the fat

4. Yea, that Yoda fighting stuff, as goofy as it appeared, was pretty cool

5. Seeing it at a midnight show, packed, in NYC was great fun - lots of cheering and stuff

6. We saw it in a digital theatre (the AMC 25). The theatre itself is very well built, with wonderful stadium seating, but the whole digital projection thing didn't really knock my socks off. I kind of want to see a more traditional digital movie and compare.

7. The constant use of digital landscapes was neat, but got kind of annoying. Some of them began to look way too "painted" and fake.

8. Did I mention how much better this one was than the last one?

Ok, and then we saw Mariah Carey's Glitter. I was totally expecting this to suck, but I think my suck-expectations were too high. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I don't like crazy ol' Mariah, but she wasn't the worst thing in the movie - some of the supporting cast was amazingly stupid. And the whole story was lame, and not well executed. Actually, Glitter would be a great example of something sucking, not because it's really bad, but it's just so mediocre and lame. Like, it's not offensive, but there's nothing there.

Hard worker
I am a hard worker and get along well with others.

Headline of the day I don't need to see
"Cheney Sees New Attacks on U.S. as 'Almost Certain'"

We saw a turtle swimming in the east river today. On his back, he had Chinese characters written in bright red paint. WTF.

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