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Written at Work

World Cup @ 8:50am
Yea, I know this is old news about people watching the World Cup in the morning and stuff, but I am walking down 32nd (aka 'Korea Town') this morning on my way to 'work', and all of a sudden there is this huge roar and then cheering, and everyone on the street kind of jumps. I realize that every bar and restaurant on the street is packed with people watching the game, and they were making a huge amount of noise while cheering, banging on drums and chanting. It was a wacky aural thing.
Oh, this just in: Korea beat Portugal 2-0. Dang.

No one is here
Where is everybody? No one has shown up for work. What, do they think it's 'casual arrival time Friday'?

Pony Party Phun
Adina made it safely to NYC, even though they made her take her shoes off before she got on the plane in Toronto to check for sock bombs. Last night we had a fun night of drink fueled, er, fun. As we were walking to dinner, we passed a matzah bread factory on Rivington. The ladies somehow lagged behind and ended up saying 'hello' to the workers there, who in turn gave them a ton of free bread.
Woo! Free!
Unfortunately, Pat didn't make it. His mom was in town and he had to fix dinner or something - whatever. Otherwise we had a good happyrobot 'staff' turnout, but we missed everyone who couldn't make it.

Cheers to Clinton Street Bakery
So we show up at Clinton Street Baking Co. at around 10:30 and they are closed. But they see that we have 10 people with us, and agree to open up the kitchen. Yay! Great dinner, good biscuits, friendly service - rockin'

Cute Dogs - Neat site
Taiwai found this site because they had a link to SushiNYC (hey thanx!), but he also has some great pics of his dogs. Go see

'what's coming our of our cornholes this morning?'

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