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you hear the word monkey every day

Liz just sent this to me, and I think I need to share it with you:
this chick's boyfriend said to her, "do you know why you hear the word monkey every day"
she said, "no... i never really thought about it"
he said, "well, we're descended from monkeys so its in our subconscious. if you pay attention, i swear you will hear the f*cking word monkey every day."
she was like, um, ok
and she wanted to prove him wrong
so she kept a paper journal
ever since he said that, she's heard the word monkey in and out of context
i turned to her and asked, well, did someone say the word monkey to you today?
and she said, well i was reading nyc bloggers and saw that thing about happyrobot
what stood out was the word monkey

i wanted you to know that you monkeyfied someone's day

I tagged along with Matt + Liz to a Blogger Party Friday night. First thing to note was that it was at this really funky bar uptown that had all these hidden rooms and nooks that you could hide in and smooch (if you were so inclined). Second thing was the fact that the drinks were way expensive. I got a vodka tonic, and he charged me $9. After the initial sticker shock, I did notice that he had filled almost three fourths of the glass with vodka, so that might make up for it.
But, it was weird going there. This is nothing against the attendees, but maybe I am just not used to celebrating internet culture in public or something. I found that I became very sarcastic when talking to people there (Adina said the same thing).
I also am tired of the word 'blog' - it makes me roll my eyes.

Friend of P(at)
I did meet the nice young lady from erinObservation. She had thought Pat was made up, and was shocked to realize that Pat existed. And then doubly shocked to realize that Matt was standing before her and that he was real, too. I took a picture of her and matt at the party (matt was pointing at his balls).

We left the party early, took a cab and went here...

Placebo Sunrise
We all went to see this show Friday night. I really want to write a scathing review of it, but I am having a hard time justifying it. The problem was that we had some issues getting tickets, which was a problem on our end. They worked it out so that we could get in, but then they do their gimmicky ticket prices, which are basically arbitrary being that the theatre is about the size of our aparment's kitchen and all the seats have good views.
My only legitimate complaint was how they stuck the missus and me in these seats on the side of the stage. Not to go into too much detail here, but the theatre is long, so if you are on the side, you can only see about 1/4 of the stage. The first half of the show was us just seeing some actors at the front of the stage, who would then run to the middle or back part of the stage and do stuff that we couldn't see. Fun!
The Second half, we did get real seats, but it was so mediocre and 'look how weird we can be' that I had to stop myself from heckling them (or at least loudly).

Not to diss the performing arts, but on the theatres web page, the next show after Placebo Sunrise, is the The Bindlestiff Family Circus which we suffered through once (we did see the non-nudity version, though). I will avoid the Chashama theatre for a while.

My favorite person at the play...
The woman who laughs at any profanity - no matter if it's funny or not. While the whole crowd sits there watching the play, she giggles out loud at curse words. I love that. That job I had last week - there was a woman there that did that, too. Fun!
Boss: "We are going to fucking fire you"
Her: "ha ha ha ha ha"

Pony time in NYC
This past weekend was one of those blurry food filled, alcohol soaked fun fests with Adina in town. After the strange beginning to Friday night with mediocre surrealists and rooms full of bloggers, we got a posse together and camped at Banjara for yummy Indian until about midnight (this late night eating is making my dreams wonkey).
Saturday we wandered all over Brooklyn and introduced 'Dina to our Kitty. It was awesome fun seeing Pony in Brooklyn towne.
We did finally make it to SuperFine down in Dumbo, which lives up to it's name.

I want a bike
I saw a nice red one the other day. I was thinking of buying it. Jackie, Adina's sister, says the price was too high and I could do better.
If so, I want a really cool bike now.
When I was a pup, I was into the sport of 'cycling', and I actually own a bike that I left at my parents because it's a road/racing bike and I don't have room for it here. I also don't want to leave it outside because of my embarrassing feelings for it.
I mean, we spent a lot of time together back in the day. It took me on long trips to the middle of nowhere and got me back quickly without breaking.
I need to go to therapy for that bike I think.

Eric's Mac Virus
Our friend Eric kept getting this mysterious 'virus' on his work computer that made his PC turn into a MAC. Isn't that weird?
Who could of done that?

Tonight I attended my first orgy.

I want a little logo for our 'words' that says, "not powered by blogger"

Get a bigger Monkey
From the NYT. About Donald Rumsfeld's tr

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