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Internet Radio and crying babies

Damn Internet Radio
We'll see what happens with this, but it looks bad for all the radio stations. Once again, the f*cking music industry is meddling.
This makes me furious.
Broadcast radio is so pointless, and now it seems like the internet will be the next victim.
And to top it off, the RIAA doesn't think that the fees are high enough.
What all this means is that Live365 might just crash and burn, and take happyrobot-radio down with it.
This pisses me off more than anything right now.

Here was an NPR story about it
wxyc's response
wfmu doesn't seem to care

Ronald in HK
I spoke with our young pal Ronald in Hong Kong. You know, HK is exactly a 12 hour difference from NYC (or so they say). Ronald had got a job with a phone company there, but last we had heard he didn't have a working phone in his office - a bad sign perhaps.
I asked him if he met any pretty girls yet. He said the girls there were hot, but he evaded the question of actually meeting them. Poor Ronald.
If you know any nice girls in HK in their twenties, let me know and we can introduce them to Ronald. He's a nice kid.

2 minute speed designing
The other day, I was trying to build a new 'words' feature, and I IM'd liz and suggested that she do a two-minute speed design. Kind of like speed dating, but designing.
You have two minutes, I need a one page design. Here is the title... GO!
I think this might be fun to persue.
She didn't so it though. Maybe I don't understand how those designers think.

Just in from scott...
look how hard it is to order this ease of use poster

Show me your bottom and I will show you mine

Got Sperm?
Like getting girls pregnant? Have a good bone structure and no history of craziness? Right this way...

Crying babies
What do you do? The f*cking neighbors have some sort of baby thing, and it cries incessantly. Now, I know that parents aren't supposed to jump every their kid cries, but what if the baby is crying for 30 minutes straight? Or 2 hours?
And what if you live in an apartment building where this kids screeching can be heard over your stereo speakers that are placed 2 feet away from your head?
Do people with babies just not give a shit? Who the hell are these people?
OK, so the baby quit crying finally, and now the neighbors above them are yelling.
Is it illegal to shoot neighbors in NY State? I bet it still is.

I have to update this topic. I wrote this late last night, and now at 8:50am, the same neighbors who were yelling are up, and already yelling. Well, I guess the yelling bird gets the worm.

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