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The RIAA and stolen content

Pat, you're new target: the RIAA
Let the ball kicking begin. From an article on DSLReports:
The RIAA has settled its lawsuit with AudioGalaxy out of court. The settlement involves AudioGalaxy taking up an "opt-in" stance, wherein all music links are blocked unless an artist requests that it be permitted, in addition to a financial compensation to the music industry. This all but shuts down one of the most popular music-trading service currently operating.
more info

nice. Wiener f*ckers. The great thing is that I won't have to be exposed to any new music now, so I can save all the money I might spend on CDs! Awesome! I can start a retirement plan or something.
I have been using WinMX, which is good, but not great. Maybe they just need more peeps on their network to make it work.

RE: the new Britney movie
The Spears-NASCAR flick will tell the tale of a race-team owner's daughter (read: Britney) who "uses her knowledge and experience in the family business" to coax a retired driver to return to the circuit, presumably for One Last Big Race!

Secret birthday
Look out. The Olsen Twins turned 16 years old.

Jacko El Wacko
Woo. Look at me. I am talking about Michael Jackson being a freak. Woo. How original. Someone give me an award.
But it is kind of neat that one of my generation's celebrity figures is losing his mind. I was thinking we were going to miss out and not have one of our idols fall from grace into a freakazoid existence. Finally!

Doing the sex
A site that has the words 'cake' and 'nyc' in it's URL, and is about a 'contemporary female sexual lifestyle'... well, what more can you ask for. All the ladies need to bookmark this one.

Cats wearing outfits
I saw this on erinobservation, and I am stealing it, and quoting it here - cuz it is 2 funny 4 words
My neighbor told me the funniest story last night. I can't imagine how the topic came up, but he told me that when he was just a wee lad in Ireland he once cut up a velvet sofa cushion in order to make an outfit for his cat. You see, he explained, he had just seen an American t.v. show on the Civil War and was galvanized to take action. He had an idea to make outfits for all the cats in the neighborhood, half of them gray and half blue, and have the cats reinact the American Civil War. Despite the fact that the idea was never brought to fruition because upon putting the first pair of tiny blue velvet pants on the first cat, he was terribly mauled, I dare say that this was one ingenious kid.

Am I model material?
So, my second thing I am stealing from our pal Erin is the link to the Barbizon Modeling site, where you can take a test to see if you are 'model material'.
I took it - here are my results:
(3rd level) 30-44
You do have some potential in certain areas of modeling or acting. You might even be a diamond in the rough. While taking modeling classes will bring out the best possible you, personal development training will also benefit you greatly. After all...who knows where it might lead?
While Barbizon training gives you the best chance to realize the modeling potential you do have, our training will prepare you for success in any career you choose...

Btw, Applying eye color with a sponge instead of a brush will help it go on bolder.


Funny Ha Ha
Something about a t-shirt that says, "homosexuals are gay" is just really funny.
I think my friend scott told me about the time he and his wife were walking around the neighborhood pushing their son around in his stroller, when these guys rolled by in their dumbass car, looked at scott and said, "fag".
An on a slightly related note, nothing makes you lose faith in humanity more than reading some idiot teen posting on a messageboard with his hybrid hacker/ghetto speak railing against fags or 'dikes' or weezer.
Sorry. I just keep coming across idiots online. It's not you.

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