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Steve, Monkey, Mac

Steve done got married
Our friend Chip came to visit for the weekend. Chip teaches English back at the goofball college I went to. He's a writer type and is in the process of writing a book or trying to get his book published or something. Something about a book.
Actually the reason he's in town is he is photographing our pal Steve getting married.
Steve is a friend of Chips we met a few years back. He is an interesting guy - I suspect he is some sort of international man of mystery. No, really - I think he is.
Steve is getting married in a church somewhere near Coney Island. He tells us to take the train and get off at the 'Avenue X' stop. Now, I don't know about you, but if anyone tells me to go down to Avenue X, I do it. You can't go wrong with Avenue X because it sounds so cool.
Steve is of the Korean heritage and is getting married in a Korean church - some protestant-type church. Presbyterian? Methodist? Something like that.
The whole service is in Korean except for the following words:
"I am sorry"
"I was wrong"
The last two were apparently from the part of the sermon about admitting you were wrong to your spouse.

It was nice though. The bride was crying. The families were crying. Steve wasn't vomiting (rumor had it, he was before). The little flower girls and ring bearers were really cute and missed their cue to walk down the aisle and all that.
And the food was great at the reception. The reception appeared to be a lot of fun - the emcee was speaking in Korean, and people laughed at a lot he said.
Did I mention the food? Tons of food.

Funny camera note: Steve is way into cameras, and unlike me, seems to have more income to buy stuff with. He supplied the setup for Chip to shoot the wedding. Handed Chip a Rollei SLR and gave me a Nikon f100 if I wanted to shoot anything. Then for the after-ceremony shots, he set up studio lights, metered and basically set up all the shots and had Chip press the shutter.
It was funny.

A clean Monkey is a happy monkey

What am I doing at MacWorld? WTF. Here I am, dumb PC user who has made tons of anti-Mac comments in my short, emotionless life.
Ask Eric. He'll tell ya. One of my long running crazed rants was the lack of extensions on mac files when they are sent to me. I don't know the exact reason why this happens, but invariably someone will email me a file I need without an extension on it, which will lead to that great exchange of:
Me: what kind of file is this?
Them: it's a photoshop file
Me: you mean a 'psd'?
Them: no, a photoshop file
Me: huh? Ok. What is the file extension?
Them: Oh, you don't need that on a mac.

And on and on and on and on

But, whatever. I still think Mac OS8/9 is still crappy, but I really like OSX and the fact that it's based on a real operating system. It also looks pretty cool once you turn off that stupid morphing icon shit.
So, I went to MacWorld and looked at all the shiny stuff.
Here are my few non-Mac owning observations (although Mrs Robot owns one):

1. Microsoft Word is pretty cool. The mac version uses a very Adobe Photoshop / Quark-like interface with the main document in the middle in it's own window, and all the tool menus and formatting options in little boxes orbiting around it. A rip-off, yes, but I think it would work great.
2. The new Bluetooth stuff for the Mac is wet-dream causing. You can synch your phone (yes!), palm, I-pod, and computer all together - wirelessly. Killer.
3. The I-Pod is now PC compatible, which means it will be on my Christmas Gift List.
4. The Iomega guys had this funny yet annoying magician cum sideshow fellow who did card tricks while slipping in Iomega commercials. It was weird. He totally had some weird hypnotic effect on the people.
5. there were so many dead ringers for the 'Comic Book Store Guy' there. I wanted to tap them on the shoulder and say, "you are like some sort of walking pop-culture icon". I didn't. They all looked cranky.

There was a whole bunch of other cool crap, too. I don't think I am selling my Windows 2000 machines, because I still think they rock. I mean, I have two of them that run pretty much 24-7 for weeks and weeks error free. None of my Mac pals can seem to beat that (I mean they could all have buggy machines, too).

i was wrong. I am sorry.
»bobo ||  7/23/2002 ||  11:38:36 PM

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