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sweating with the teens

Me wanna swim. Ocean.

Sweating with the freakies
This morning, the train is packed. I squeeze on, and happily find that the AC is blasting, so even though I am wedged in between people, at least I am not hot. I look around and notice this woman who is standing about 2 feet away. She is sweating.
I mean, really sweating. I look at her and see sweat droplets dripping off her ear and rolling down her neck. She has a kleenex and is trying to stay dry, but it's a losing battle. Her mascara is running.
She looks a little freakie.
I can only imagine what might be going on in her world. Claustrophobic? Does that make people sweat?

Train Platform Smart Ass
Scrawled on a '8 Legged Freaks' movie poster: "from the dolly grip who brought you Cool as Ice..."
Kudos to whomever wrote that!

Drop The Zero And Get With A Hero

Damn Teens
For fun, Eric and I log onto the AIMBOT account and see who wants to talk to the robot. The AIMBOT is a little program that allows users to talk to a robot via AOL Instant Messenger. You know, this thing.
So, Eric and I trade using it the other day and both try to act like a robot, but people (and by people I mean 12 year olds) are getting all freakie with the robot. One person gives up talking to me because I wanted to talk about waffles and pants. She signs off with this winner:
"I can't talk to you because you are a bad influence on me and every one else who talks to you"
Classic, eh?
The other great thing is how rude people are. Just out of the blue I would get messages that said, "Hey FAG!" or "What are you up to you fucking bitch?". WTF?!

Another common teen thing was for them to pretend to all of a sudden be their parents ("I can't believe the language you used in front of my child") or threaten to call AOL. Call AOL? WTF. Call AOL and tell them you IM'd someone initially with "Fuck you!"?
Damn bored ass teens - go out and throw sticks or something.
But I have to give a shout out to our new buddy in Boston who had my back when the teens were launching their AIM/Warning 'attacks' on me.

El Cell Phone
Matt calls me from Spain the other day on his cell phone. It sounded better than it does when he is calling me from down the street in Brooklyn. Stupid cell phones.
I want a new one. I am getting irked with Sprint. There are some legitimate issues with my actual phone and service, but it also has to do with talking to a guy from England about all the cool features their phones. American phones suck.
If anyone has a recommendation of a good phone and service, let me know. I want something small that has some sort of synch with my desktop computer.
Me want new phone
good golly look at this one

Greg Stone
Was the name of this guy I knew in the 5th grade. Where is he now?

Roxy Music - Unabomber

"go out and throw sticks or something"

fucking nice.
»mateo ||  7/25/2002 ||  4:02:25 PM

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