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Kitties, 666, and dreams of helicopters

I am a sucka for stories or pictures of kittens or puppies. I am some sort of 12 year old girl trapped in a gen-x body.
Just so you know.

Liz's Bookclub
Liz has her bookclub up and running, and it's full of books and reviews - many from the happyrobot posse. Nice work there.

Slashdot Feed
On the happyrobot start page, i now have a Slashdot feed displaying the latest headlines. Neat. Make it your homepage now! c'mon. why not?

Oh My
I was talking to my little brother the other night. I call him ‘little brother' even though he is technically much larger than me.
He had a friend staying with him over the weekend, and this friend has a kid. Not sure how old, but fairly young because he took naps still.
They went to FAO Swartz, and the kid was apparently very well behaved and would just walk around touching things and saying, "Oh my".
Now, imagine my brother using a very southern, effeminate voice to say this. And then imagine he is trying to mimic a little kid. The way he did it, made it sound like this was David Sedaris' kid (if he had one).
"Oh my"
"Oh my"

Satan Sammich
The weather (knock on some wood) has been beautiful these past few days. For lunch I decided to walk to the river, eat, enjoy the weather, and watch helicopters come and go.
I stopped by this funny deli on 2nd ave and ordered a sandwhich and got a juice. The total came out to be $6.66
All the little deli guys looked real nervous all of a sudden. Either they had made a satanic sandwhich, or they were serving satan himself, or I was one of those people that would make a big fuss over it and make them re-ring me to get a different total.
They were really nervous about it.
It was a fine sandwhich, and so far has not had any satanic effects.
So, I go down to the river and watch boats and helicopters come and go. I don't know about other people, but watching a helicopter land and take off is one of the few things left that fills me with boyhood glee. Well, maybe not glee, but I will stop what I am doing and watch it - good thing I don't work near a helipad.
The peeps at finally contacted me about our stolen robot image that showed up on their site. They seem to be nice - as far as you can tell via email.
I think they will be taking down the image.

If you went to 'college' with me, and knew our pal Devon... well, i think he's in a band now (on the far right)

I hate gold
There. I said it. It's a great material, but I don't like the color of gold itself.

It's BTO -- they're Canada's answer to ELP. Their big hit was TCB.

thehappyrobot: stinky.
Chris in Boston: Stinky?
thehappyrobot: It stinks here. someone is smoking next door.
thehappyrobot: little kids keep IM'ing me
Chris in Boston: How little?

thehappyrobot: Like 12yrs old
thehappyrobot: If i had a kid, they wouldn't be im'ing drunk freaks in Sin City
Chris in Boston: Well, then what would they be doing?
thehappyrobot: I don't know. WHat did i do when i was 12? throw sticks?
thehappyrobot: Play with my dog. Harass my little brother. play with star wars figures.
Chris in Boston: Yeah, throwing sticks! Those were the days...
thehappyrobot: i can't wait until Throwing sticks comes back as the cool thing to do
thehappyrobot: :-)
Chris in Boston: Maybe by the time I have kids, throwing sticks will be back in style, and I can teach my kids how to throw sticks just like I used to.
thehappyrobot: wicked
Chris in Boston: wicked indeed!

Happy Friday!

oh my
»vagabond ||  7/26/2002 ||  10:03:30 AM
I like gold nail polish on my toes
»potro ||  7/26/2002 ||  11:43:36 AM
so are you a 12 year old girl or filled with boyish glee?

you certainly are crossing the gender/age identity border tonight!
»rakkel ||  7/26/2002 ||  12:18:22 PM
hmmm. good point. i am gender/age contradictory
»:r ||  7/26/2002 ||  2:44:26 PM
whoa! this takes me back....
»chris ||  1/6/2006 ||  9:27:38 AM
There's an article on the uberwingnutty site "WorldNetDaily" about the rush for Dutch copies to get married on 6/6/06, so they can have a 666 anniversary date, and thus bring about Satan's reign, or something like that. See about it here
»stu ||  1/6/2006 ||  10:36:19 AM

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