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Phone companies suck

Ugh. Sprint. Mrs Robot gets a call on her phone from a sprintPCS person trying to market some sort of plan (actually, they were looking for me). Our contract with them is about to expire, and they of course want to lock us into another one, so they have their telemarketing people call.
I call customer service and a guy who seems nice answers. I ask him if there is a problem with our contract and why was Sprint calling us, and he had no idea that they did this. I asked him if we can opt-out of them calling us for marketing purposes, he had no idea.
He did say he would put a note on my account.

I realize this is a dumb, minor thing, but telemarketing on cell phones is something that has come up a few times in the press recently.
The telemarketing biz is thinking about it, although the FCC still says they can't do it.

BTW, you cannot find the SprintPCS Customer Service number on their site. I mean, it's on there, but it's really hard to find. I actually wrote them about it once and they sent me a long list of directions to find the number.
SprintPCS Customer Service: (888)211-4727 (I will get tons of hits for this I bet)

Your Phone Company Sucks
The FCC just passed some nice new laws that allow the phone company to pretty much sell any information about you that they want... including calls that you made. They will automatically do this, unless you Opt-Out (so call your phone company now).
Sleaze Balls.
Read about it here.

There is a good discussion about it on Plastic
I am quoting this post from Plastic that brought up a really great point - there wouldn't be a market for this information if people didn't respond to junk mail and telemarketing in general… retards.
by ksu93
at Thu 18 Jul 8:28am
Although I'm definitely pissed at the phone company and telemarketers/spammers/junk mailers for this kind of thing, it's kind of like getting mad at drug dealers when in fact the drug users are the ones who are at fault for the drug problem. Stick with me here, I'm actually going somewhere with this. The phone company and all these other companies wouldn't be selling our info and constantly pestering us with marketing if someone weren't actually buying the stuff they're pushing. So the people I'm really mad at are the fools who respond favorable to telemarketing, spam, and junk mail. Thanks to these suckers, the rest of us have to suffer endless phone calls during dinner, heaps of junk mail, and endless lists of junk email. Way to go assholes.

I realize that they have a job to do. But do they have to call at dinner time? Next time, ask for the phone reps home phone number so that you can call him when HE is in the shower!
»bobette ||  url || 7/26/2002 ||  9:12:33 PM

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