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Romeo is a werewolf and Juliet is a vampire

Boy the stories I could tell you about him. John and I met him years back at this temp job we both had. Well, I mean, I met John then, too - but I still hang out with John.
Adam had lots of odd traits and quirks, and quickly became the most entertaining thing about the job.

His Screenplay
The point of all this is how one day he and John were talking about writing movie screenplays, and John mentioned one that he was working on and asked Adam about his. Adam became very agitated and said that, actually, he didn't want to talk about his. He gave us the idea that he had a great story and didn't want to tell anyone, just in case we might steal it.

Finally, weeks later over lunch, Adam broke down and told John the plot of his story: There is a war between the werewolves and the vampires - and this one Vampire wants to join the Werewolf side (or vice versa) possibly because of some sort of love.
John was sworn to secrecy about this plot.

That was about 3 years ago, and since then the script comes up in conversation on a regular basis and we all try to explore the plot issues or problems we might see in the general story. My point has always been that the war can only happen during a full moon which could give the vampires an advantage if they played their cards right - I mean, what would stop the vampires from following the werewolves home and killing them another night when they are mere mortals? And vampires can turn into different creatures and stuff - werewolves just maul people.

Whatever. The point is, John found out that someone beat Adam to it.
Premise: She is a vampire. He is a werewolf. For centuries their two clans have been adversaries, each seeking each other out in a wholesale effort to destroy the other. These two blood enemies will unwittingly fall in love with each other, and the resulting chaos will either find a means to end their war or destroy both species forever.

New Edgedweller!
Palaver is back!
(subscribe to it if you aren't on his list)

Kudos to Robin
Dear Robin: Thanks for hosting such a wonderful lake party thing. Your family has a lovely lake house and your aunt may be the most kick-ass aunt ever. And even though Evan and I cannot pilot a canoe in a straight line even when sober, I had a fine time. It's a gorgeous area up there.
Your friend,
Mr Robot Journal Head

Minority Report
I just saw that. It was ok. You know, some of the special effects I thought for really lame, especially the city scenes.
Tom Cruise looks like my old roomie, Mike.
Or vice versa.

before you judge me, walk a mile in my pants.
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