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Pac-Man v Superman and the heat

I was reading on Meta-Filter (that's a site on the internet) that there was a movie coming out called Superman vs. Batman, which is based on a comic book or someshit. Why Batman and Superman would ever need to fight, I don't know - they seemed to get along just fine at the Hall of Justice.

Well, I tell Eric (W, not S, or G or B, or 'Erik') and he mishears me and thinks I said that there was a movie about Superman vs. Pacman coming out.

I am imaging a shot of Superman with dramatic light, shot from above - as he leans across the crumpled body of a friend or someone and realizes that his friend is dead, killed by Pac-Man… and he stands up, fists balled up, and yells, "Pac-mannnnnnnnnnnn!"

And there is thunder and lightning.

We would then cut to Pac-Man sneaking away in the shadows, a quiet 'wakka wakka wakka' can be heard.

Can you picture it? Should I work on the story so I can go to Hollywood and pitch this? Wanna come with?

League of Justice
Damn Super Friends TV show. I want to find the retards that produced that - what a piece of cheap ass crappity crap crap.

My new insult
Calling someone a 'spoon'
"Montreal is for spoons"
What does it mean? Nothing, but it makes me laugh. I will call someone that on the train today and see if i get beat up.

Scott had this whole running joke about made up ethnic slurs...
damn hazmats and tangelos, stealin our women!

The Wilhelm!
Did you watch that movie?

Heat! Heat! Heat!
The weather - a conversational staple. Here in NYC, it's in the mid 90's (which for you metric robots is like 35, which to us is awfully chilly).
When we were in SanFran a few years back, they had a freak heat wave in the middle of september. All the news people were reporting about the heat wave, and being apparently new to 'heat', they had some great public service 'how to beat the weather' tips…
The following were actual tips offered by a TV news station to beat the heat:

1. Open your windows. The news lady went on to comment about how circulation helps cool things - like people or your home
2. Turn on a fan. This was a quick and easy way to stay cool
3. Tonight, don't sleep under a quilt or a heavy blanket.

I swear to you this is what they said. We sat there in our hotel with our mouths agape wondering what kind of bizarro town we had picked for our honeymoon.
I will say this, it was a bit hot, but it wasn't 95 degrees or anything. I love funny little SanFran - they are so cute there.

Let me say, I love the metric system. I have always been a centimeter kind of guy myself. But, as far as degrees go, I think I will stick with my trusty old Farenheit. It's got such a great range. Zero is Cold. 100 is hot. 60 is great. 72 is perfect. 82 is great for swimming.
Celcius? Zero is freezing - thirty is hot.

2 Cute 4 words
Mrs Robot's Away message on AIM: i've been lured away by monkeys with party back soon

Apple in SoHo
The new Apple store is a beauty - you can play with just about everything they make. It's not really a retail enviroment, but more like some sort of grown-up techie petting zoo.
Taiwai says: i think the greatest thing about the apple store is 1) you can check your email. 2) there's a bathroom

Mob Rules
Did you know that we just got a DVD player? I think we may have been the last techie white kids to get one. This past weekend we rented the first season of the Sopranos. We had never really seen the show, and were both pleasantly surprised about how well it is done. Great story lines, great acting, great production values - all is good.
I am just amazed that this is on tv in the first place - even thought HBO really isn't 'normal tv'.

the following, contrary to what scott might want to write were not my duties at any of my past jobs:

- eric willhelm wrangler
- potty mouth
- labrador retriever
- dust bunny
- go-to man
- bathroom key stealer
- sexual harasser
- boner
- pirate
- circuit city sales person
- tate street layabout
- lollygagger
- kitty box cleaner
- Eric Willhelm's Dad
- Eric Willhelm's Man Child
- Eric Willhelm's Personal Party Pony
- Eric Willhelm
- ringleader of foul-mouthed teen gang
- covered in honey, fed to the bears
- scratching post
- patriot
- warlord
- Woody McDougal
- Ringo

rich! craig and i have been renting the sopranos on dvd too! jinx! we're waiting for the third season to come out - end of august i think. wooo-hoooo!
»lisamay ||  7/31/2002 ||  9:03:33 AM
I want a dvd player badly because I just saw an ad for a David Blaine DVD with "the first ever telepathic menu." Isn't that hysterical?
»erin ||  url || 7/31/2002 ||  1:42:40 PM
did you ever watch The Tick? The live action one was "crappity crap crap" as you say but the cartoon was phenomenal. He occasionally used spoon as a battle cry. I just wanted to highlight the versatility of the word. It works well as an insult as do hazmats and tangelos. Thanks!
»jender ||  7/31/2002 ||  3:34:12 PM
i don't have a DVD player :-(
»k ||  8/1/2002 ||  12:32:02 AM
Heat? You want to talk about heat? Let me tell you a litlte something about heat. It's 2am here, and it's 95. At 2pm, it'll be 140. But it's a dry, scorching heat, so it's so much better.
»pat ||  7/31/2004 ||  5:49:34 PM

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