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robot updates and balls

Robot Updates
Here's what is happening at the robot. The 'Robot Side Bar' thing is working really swell and got a slight update design wise - be sure to add it to your favorites bar or whatnot. If you are running Internet Explorer, drag it to the 'Links' folder for maximum handiness (but do delete all that crap that M$ puts in there).
Facelifts abound. After the rousing success of Pony, I fiddled with Tim. There are two new writers in the works, so keep your ears peeled (ouch!).
On the 'Start' page, I have brought back the feed - now you can check out their latest finds via the start page at happyrobot. In addition to, Slashdot and BoingBoing are still there.

These doggies are loco

Monkey Troops!
The most amazing story ever.

New Hosting
I am thinking of moving the site to a different host that would offer a fancy SQL-Server database, but I am balking right now because of the price increase it would entail. 45$ isn't a lot of money in the whole scheme of things, but I am finding it hard to justify at this point and time.
This is when I ask if any of you have a money making scheme I can use to kind of balance everything out.
This is also when I ask if any of you have a monkey making scheme.

A few weeks back I had mentioned that our friend Linda's puppy was late getting his balls, er, testicles. To be honest, I didn't know that sometimes balls, er, testicles take a long time in 'dropping' or don't drop at all.
His finally did. Go little dog!

AS OF TODAY HE HAS 2 TESTICLES. He might be slow, but he has came through for us. I'll keep you up to date on his progress.

I don't really mind tourists. Or at least I used to think I didn't until I started working in a tourist-heavy area. I get off the train and have to walk by the Empire State Building and all of the delis in that area seem to attract families on vacation who's idea of fun in the morning is to stand around and have a hard time deciding what to eat, while all of us 'I have 3 minutes to get to work' people are jostling and pushing and cursing behind them.
If you come to NYC for vacation, take a late breakfast, or eat in the hotel. Otherwise I may run you over.

I think Matt is having way fun.

robot world
creepy and wacky! thanks to MaDaM Vee for sending me the link.

All the Kidnappings
What is up with that?

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