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Pray for my neighbors
I am on the train Thursday going to meet Raq for lunch, and these two women get on and I find myself stuck between them. They immediately launch into talk about how something or another is great because the Lord Jesus did something or another. Maybe I am self-centered, but I felt like they were doing all this for my benefit - trying to conver tme on the fly or something.
I guess they gave up.
They then discussed someone at their church group who wasn't pulling her weight at whatever it is they were doing. They got kind of gossipy, and I had to bite my tounge not say something like, "would jesus gossip like this?"
Then one woman told the other that she was upset because her nice neighbors were moving and she was real nervous that her new neighbors wouldn't be Christian. So her friend led her in a prayer about hoping that God would send her good Christian neighbors.
I am not sure if she meant she wanted 'god-fearing' neighbors, or just Christians. I wanted to ask if she would be upset if a Hindu, or Jewish, or Muslim family moved in… wouldn't that be at least better than satan worshippers or something?

The lack of tolerance of religions for other religions is a bit of a problem for us humans.

Flight 486 where are you?
We called the car service for a car to the airport. We said we need it at 7:00am.
7:15, they are not there yet. We end up going with a different car service.
As we going up the ramp to the BQE, we see an amazing traffic jam with cars and trucks just frozen going both ways. Nothing moving.
It looked like a movie.
I say, "oh fuck shit shit shit"
The driver says, "ok, we are going local" and proceeds to back down the onramp and try the local streets. Good effort, but the local streets are all jammed too. Our flight leaves at 8:30. After sitting in traffic for about 45 minutes, we finally get onto the BQE and the traffic has gotten back to normal (there had been a truck spill or something).

We get to the USAIR ticket desk at 8:15 and they are like, "you are too late".
We missed the flight. I can't believe it. I have never missed a flight before.
There set us up to fly stand-by at 1:00, so we get to hang out at LGA for hours.
It was way fun.

But we made it. Missed the rehearsal, but made the rehearsal dinner.
All is well. Parents are happy. Dogs are happy.
Today is the wedding.
My brother and his fiancé were at a party until 4am, and they woke up at 8am for wedding day activities.
Tired, getting married fools.

Bruegger Bagels
There is a Brueger Bagel shop near my parent's house and my brother likes them a lot so I went and got him some vittles this morning. They are such dorks there.

Eggs. If you order eggs there, they microwave this egg thing for you - some sort of pre-cooked egg thing. It took the guy like 3 minutes to make our bagels and I kept thinking that they could of made real eggs in that time instead of giving us these queer egg-like things (I am betting it's that pre-beaten egg and milk kind of liquid that you pour into a mold or something).
They taste very much not like eggs. In fact, they taste like nothing.

Iced Coffee. What the hell? We are in the south, why don't they have ice coffee here? Is that hard to do or something. Not to be an annoying person living in NYC, but how come every corner store in my neighborhood has iced coffee, and nobody in this dumb town can figure it out.
"Can I have a large iced coffee?"
"um, we don't have iced coffee, but I guess I could give you a cup of ice to go with your coffee…"

It's really hot here.

Bags. They just hand me bagels and chips and crap and expect to carry these out of the store.
"um, can I have a bag for all this"
The guy just hands me a bag and walks away.

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