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crazy ol' florida

The Homestead
We are off to visit the homestead and watch my brother get married. It should be fun.
A few months back, I was talking to my brother and he mentioned that he had to write his first resume for a part time job, and said he was having a tricky time getting it done. I told him to send me what he had so far and that I would gladly take a look at it. So, he did, and being a smartass, I decided to send him back a "funny" version.

"Named Employee of the Month February 2002 (actually, it was Mutha Fuckin Employee of the Bitch Ass Month, you chicken shit Award)"

I get a call about an hour after sending it on my voicemail, and my brother completely deadpan is saying, "thanks for working on my resume. I really hope I get this job. I am leaving right now, but I went ahead and just forwarded the resume you sent to a few companies - I don't have time to look over the changes you made, but I trust your skills with the resume. Talk to you later..."

I almost have a heart attack.
Of course he is kidding.
I had gotten out-smartassed.

I slept with you and you and you
Quoted off metafilter: "Florida wants all women, including minors, to publish their sexual history in local newspapers before they're allowed to give their child up for adoption".
Um, this is the nuttiest thing I have ever heard. Nutty Nutty Nutty.

The law is a part of revised Florida adoption requirements enacted last year that require a birth mother to make an exhaustive effort to locate the birth father to notify him about adoption proceedings.

When background searches don't work, a birth mother must place legal notices about the adoption in a local newspaper where the baby was conceived.

In the newspaper notice, the mother must list her name, describe herself, name or describe the possible father(s) and list the date and the city or county of conception.
full article

This is stupid. I can't even begin to fathom how stupid this is. In fact, I am leaving to get some coffee, and maybe when I get back I can tell you how stupid I think this is.
Good golly.
Men. We are idiots full of stupid ideas, and this seems to be one of them.

"ohhhh, she's going to give up MY baby for adoptionů. When I slept with her, it wasn't just sex in the bathroom of T.J. McScooters, it was love, and I wanted to start a family with Becky, I mean Sharon. Even though I don't know her last name or anything about her or remember what she looks like, THAT IS MY BABY."

I hate stuff.

Crush on you
Salon has an article about the email address harvesting guys, which will give you a good overview if you don't know what I am talking about (or want to send it to your mom).
The real credit really needs to go to the webmaster at DSLReports who wrote an article a few weeks back where he did some nice detective work on these retards.

Speaking of Salon, we were at a party the other night, and this girl we had just met said, "Have you heard of Salon? It's kind of an online magazine?"
I guess I am dorky snob, but I wanted to say something teen-esque like, "that is so Y1K".
I forget that some people don't work on computers all day.

Today's signup allotment has been exceeded
Metafilter claims that they allow 20 new users everyday. I have been checking for weeks and I can never register - WTF. I don't even want to be a member anymore (I guess I could give them $5 and pay for it).
Fine - I'll go start my own club.
(I still like the site. really.)

More Lisa Houghtaling
What a great game it's funny. And pretty good too. HEY play this game I did and I love. This game will make your face turn red, you know why don't you???

i think lisa houghtaling is 11. or "mentally challenged".
»lisa ||  8/8/2002 ||  9:16:17 AM
like brother, like brother.

but to say "so Y1K" you'd be quoting me! <<>> does that mean I'm only turning teen next week?
»rakkel ||  8/8/2002 ||  10:56:23 AM

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