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The Supernatural and Me

Yesterday Robot Sick
Damn robot was ill yesterday. I don't know why or how, but I think it may be working fine now (obviously if you are reading this).

The Supernatural and Me: A Report
Here are my stats for seeing the supernatural.
UFOs: Never seen anything weird. Have seen shooting stars on occasion.

Big Foot: Never seen.

Ghosts: As a child, I woke one night and saw a gray, featureless shape of a man standing in my room. That was all. This easily could have been my dad coming in my room to close windows because of a storm or just my imagination. I feel like as soon as I saw it, it disappeared. Have seen many weird things late at night because of sleep depravation.

Monsters: I saw a huge spider once on the basketball court in my parent's back yead. We had mice living in the garage. I saw bunches of snakes. Once, a great dane snuck up on me in the backyard when I was young, scaring the jeebus out of me (amazingly, I have no issues with great danes now). Once a fish nibbled on my foot.

Psychics: Does Déjà vu count? I have that from time to time. A few times actually thinking, "Oh, next he will say 'blah blah blah'" which is weird. The cat always knows when Mrs Robot is coming home, sometimes 5 minutes in advance. Freaky sometimes.

Engagement rings
My lil brother is getting married next weekend, and I was discussing engagement rings with my mom today. My brother got totally lucky in that his girlfriend's family had some sort of family heirloom engagement ring that was passed down from her grandmother - so, the ring she got not only was free, but also had all this great history and family and love-stuff to go along with it.

The whole engagement ring money thing is such a scam. When I went to buy a ring for Mrs. Robot, I called up a friend of ours who is a jewelry designer and had her make a handmade ring, that to be honest cost tons less than if I had shopped based on the 'two-months-salary rule' and was much cooler because it was all handmade and had flowers and stuff on it.
Who came up with this rule? The only time I ever see it is on commercials for jewelers - nice eh?
Was this 'rule' based on any tradition? Or is it a marketing thing?
Anyone know?

There was an article in the Sunday Times about how well helicopter charter companys are doing. It costs about $400 to fly one way from manhattan to the hamptons. I had always wondered how much it cost to fly around in those things.
I like helicopters for some reason.

Cars Our Friend Evan has owned over the years
Pontiac Fiero
Volvo 4-door
Geo Metro
Mitusbushi Gallant (wife's)

Mother-in-law making me talk funny
M.I.L. bought a cute little café / bistro style table and chair set for her porch. The only issue is that M.I.L. pronounces "Bistro" as "Biss-troe"
Pronounces the first syllable as you would the word 'biscuit'.
OK, that is cute and all. But the problem is this: whenever she says it, my brain does a fart and I can't remember how to pronounce it properly. Very frustrating. I think this is her plan - maybe she thinks I talk too much.

Um, OK
This person has by far the wackiest writing style ever. I was browsing on Amazon and ran across a review she wrote... she writes so wacky.
(Wackier than me)

one of my cats died a while ago. up until i moved my bed, i would occassionally feel something land on my stomach and walk down my body to my feet. i'd always be asleep and wake up due to the unusual sensation. my cat used to sleep at my feet.
»liz ||  url || 8/6/2002 ||  11:40:08 PM
my dog knows when my husband is home wayyyyy before i do. i swear she knows when it's him on the phone too. i also think she's sees dead people in our house. sometimes she looks over my shoulder and "watches" something. jesus. i just scared the crap out of myself.
»lisa ||  8/7/2002 ||  8:43:36 AM
I just got a head ache reading those Amazon reviews. That person must be 8 years old. Keep plugging away, kid. . . . Amazon will publish anything!
»reba ||  8/7/2002 ||  1:47:42 PM
My head is also spinning from the Amazon reviews.
I once had a dream where I walked by this cafe in my hometown - and in the dream the window was broken. When I walked past it the next day on the way to work, the window was broken exactly how it was in my dream (someone broke it at like 5am - while I was asleep)
»pat ||  8/7/2002 ||  2:08:02 PM
did you notice all the movie reviews were for Ewan McGregor movies? The review of "Rogue Trader" is so great. "This guy is trying to beat the stock market. You can't do that can you?" New 2 sentence movie reviewer maybe?
»mrs. robot ||  8/7/2002 ||  2:38:53 PM

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