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Bacon and MTV

the Video Music Awards
I hate MTV, but they do put on a good show sometimes. My notes from walking in and out of the room while it was going on…

1. Unlike Britney, the VMAs looked great. Mrs. Robot thought maybe they were using some fancy new digital high definition camera, but whatever it was, shits looked awesome. It looked like film. It looked like we were watching the movie version of the show.
It looked unlike any live tv I have ever seen - glad we bought a decent tv.

2. Britney Spears *entertains* the be-jesus out of me. Who is dressing this poor girl? She shows up looking like you neighborhood leather man just back from the parade with her little leather hat and get-up.. ugh. I am sorry, but I enjoy looking at boobies and all, but she is the antithesis of 'not sexy' - she's more like some single aunt of mine in her 50's who still likes to party and go to Vegas. Ick.

3. When Brittany came on and introduced Michael Jackson, I was in heaven. Two freaks on the same stage - these VMAs can't get any better. Jacko came out wearing a classic Michael Jackson outfit featuring these chrome plated leg things, that made him look like a shiny version of my uncle Jim when Jim busted his leg playing football. Classic. But it got even better…
"To kick off the night's festivities, singer Britney Spears presented Michael Jackson, one of the best-selling pop stars of all time, with a tiered cake for his 44th birthday and called him the "artist of the millennium."

Jackson, who revolutionized the music industry with videos like "Thriller," "Beat It," and "Billie Jean," appeared to think he had actually won such an award. According to, no such award exists."

4. Lisa Marie Presley is tough now, in case you hadn't noticed.

5. Christina Arugula. W-T-F!

6. The Hives were fun. Randy (I think that is his name) is so Mick Jagger it's spooky.

Bacon is evil. Bacon will kill you. Bacon may be the product of Satan himself (or herself). But Bacon tastes fine. And bacon and spaghetti tastes fine, too.
Last night we made spaghetti carbonara for dinner. My arteries are so clogged, yet happy now.

welcome back mattyJ!

sorry i missed the mtv vma festivities. but you told me all i needed to know. craig mentioned eminem wanting to punch moby...jeez.
»lisa face ||  8/30/2002 ||  11:32:47 AM
MSN apparently thinks that Michael Jackson won an award... idiots
"“Artist of the Millennium” award to Jackson, whose first album of the new millennium, “Invincible,” only garnered two hits and was a commercial disappointment. The award coincided with the King of Pop’s 44th birthday."
»:r ||  url || 8/30/2002 ||  12:18:14 PM
I thought Britney was just giving Michael Jackson a cake for his birthday ... did she even say he was getting an award??? All of a sudden he had one in his hand ... I thought it was all very weird!
»k ||  8/30/2002 ||  5:28:09 PM

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