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USAIR + monkeys

Mrs Robot was reading me the highlights from an article about USAIR and their new policies since declaring bankruptcy. For example, if you miss your flight, they won't let you fly stand-by on the next available one unless you buy another ticket. You miss it, that's it. Two weeks ago we missed our USAIR flight due to a over turned truck on the BQE - the USAIR peeps were understanding (the clerk herself had got there 2 hours late because of that) and booked us standby on the next flight. Now, that wouldn't happen.
Also, no free alcoholic drinks on international flights. I am not even sure why they do that in the first place, and I don't fly international that often, but… um, I like free drinks.

So, I guess this is the recession. No more fun.
Ugh. I am feeling grumpy just thinking about it.

Damn oil - it's going to kill us all.

Comfy Clothes
Anything better? I am walking to the bagel shop this morning to buy bagels and coffee (yes, raquel, ICED FRENCH VANILLA WITH HALF AND HALF!) and it's a cool, pre-fall morning and I am wearing my funny soft tan pants that are cut perfectly for my funny frame and my favorite worn out shirt underneath my favorite soft long sleeve t-shirt.
Wearing my favorite ‘vogs.
Lots of wacky things happening in the world, but at 8:15, stuff was pretty good.

Absorbing the fetus
Ick - this creeps me out. Boy in India born with fetus attached to him. This spooks me only because I remember reading this Stephen King book 'The Dark Half' - ironically on a USAIR flight back from Amsterdam. The book's main character had a twin, who's fetus was absorbed by his when they were in the womb - or something like that. It was quite creepy for some reason (but that could have been the free drinks on the plane kicking in).
There were birds in involved in it - birds that were kicking ass. It was then made into an half-ass movie with Timothy Hutton.

Ronald says
He drives by 'Monkey Mountain' in Hong Kong often, but he is scared of the monkeys so he never goes up there - apparently they are getting out of hand.

TV Sucks
Did you read the new TV sucks? Written by two-time Daily Show Contributor Tamara Fettuccine? Not only is Tamara 'funny', her current job requires that she watches TV a lot.
Combination: Winner!

I think the IT guy here at this company is nice, and seems like a fine fellow, but these little Compaq machines suck butt. I am sorry - they may be 'top of the line' with tons of RAM and the fastest processors, but my lazy ass home machines run circles around these things.
Want to run Photoshop and Word and Lotus Notes at the same time? Good luck.
(Lotus Notes - has there ever been a more shitty email client? My f*cking Palm Mail program works better.)

All churny today. Stupid me and my stupid eating habits.

i can't WAIT for it to get a little chilly here so i can wear a long-sleeve tee. yummy.
»lisa nicole smith ||  8/28/2002 ||  12:18:41 PM
It is already a little cold here. I wore sleevies.
»potro ||  8/28/2002 ||  4:46:30 PM
half and half.

them's fightin words.
»raquel ||  8/29/2002 ||  9:54:54 AM

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