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Fonz, Canada, Cells, Move

The Fonz
Eric and Reba have a new boy kitten and they named him the Fonz. He looks cute - I haven't actually met him yet, but Eric sent out MPGs of him being funny.
They are enjoying parenthood with their little angel (straight from heaven), and regale me with stories of his bedtime hijinks and show me their kitty clawed up hands and wrists.
Personally, I am a little disappointed that Reba's company hasn't allowed her to take maternity leave to spend this valuable time with her little angel (straight from heaven).

Eric's birthday is soon. I forget the exact date, but he plans to party this weekend I think. Woo.

Sleepy Canadians
There are these two canadian people here at the workplace today. One of them lives about an hour and a half away from Toronto and had to wake up at 2:30am to leave for his flight to NYC. I bet he is sleepy. He doesn't act like it - but I bet he is.
Sitting and watching a power-point presentation - acting awake.
Sleepy man.

Brother + Cell Phones
If my brother ever calls you from his cellphone, he will invariably leave the phone on when the call is over - he will forget to hang up (probably hits the wrong key). So, it's like this:
*beep* "hey brother. Just calling to say hello. Blah blah blah something about Belle and Sebastin Blah blah blah doggie blah blah blah atlanta sucks blah blah. Ok, Talk to your later." *click*
"what? Oh yea. Sit. Sit. Give me your ball. Give it. C'mon. blah blah blah blah blah" - continues for 5 minutes.

The big move
This weekend will be the 'Moving Day' here at happyrobot. I am a little nervous and anxious about it - it's going to be a lot of work that will need to be done real quick. I think on Saturday, I will shut down the writer's accounts, so if you are a writer, you won't be able to post anything over the weekend while I clean up and pack the database. IF you want to add something over the weekend, PLEASE feel free to email it to me and I will manually add it - always like new content.

Not getting it Americans
OK. I am a dork and really love gadgety things, especially cool cell phone things. The adaptation of web features like messaging has always interested me, but the way the phones work here in the US is just plain stupid. For instance, if I want to send a text message, I have to log on to the browser and then send the message - not a big deal, but from the browser, the address book isn't available. They expect you to remember everyone's phone number I suspect.

A fellow from England was at work a while back and was giving me the basics of how his phone worked, and to send a text message was painfully easy. The address book has options to call or to message someone and it was all integrated together.
I was jealous.

Then Wired has a news tidbit where the cell phone industry is saying that Americans don't want text messaging on their phones, and industry types were quoted as saying the reasons were, "a lack of effective marketing by the carriers, the popularity of instant messaging on desktop computers and the inconvenience of typing text notes on a phone's number keypad".
Huh? How about the carriers designing lame ass phones that barely accomplish the basic phone features? My dumb little SprintPCS phone has a ton of badly designed features - ugh.
I think I will just give up and try again in 5 years.

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