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Birthdays everywhere
Happy birthday everybody. Brian Huskey of the painfully famous Naked Babies is a year older today. Also, EricW of "My name is Eric, you jerk" fame is old enough to be president.
Lots of birthday cheer this weekend.

Heel. Tar.
Welcome back Liz!

The Big Move
The move went fine. Hopefully all of our data got moved over - I am still checking that. Let me know if it appears to run any slower or faster.
Or if it causes you to run out and kill people - like some sort of subliminal murder website.
Speaking of...

Our junk-movie viewer Jayne went and saw this weekend, and said it was horrid, but even worse because they couldn't buy the website for the movie. MetaCritic has a collection of bad reviews for it.

You would think Sprint was filing for bankruptcy if you went to their Brooklyn Heights store. The place is filthy and understaffed, and if you want to look at a new phone, the guy pulls out an old paper bag labeled 'demo phones' and pours them all out on the counter for you to play with.
It's almost funny.
They barely have enough stock in their store, too. I was looking for that data cable thing they sell, and the guy had to pull out a few raggedly boxes before he could find an actual one that hadn't been opened and had all the stuff in it.
The store they have in the flatiron building is the same way.

Cranky ass NYC
Sunday, NYC was cranky. Everywhere we went was cranky. People complaining - yelling at people behind the counters at stores. Store employees yelling at customers. People getting cranky waiting in line.
Must be the impending one-year anniversary of nine-eleven. Or maybe NYC is just a having a collective crappy day.
Or we are in a good mood and everyone else is just acting like shit heads.
Sure, NYC was all love after nine-eleven, but let's not forget the jerk-off at Harvest complaining that his Amex wouldn't go through. It wouldn't go through because lower manhattan was in rubble and the phone lines didn't work - you know because things had blown up 6 hours earlier. And here he was bitching to the waitress that it was her fault that his Amex wouldn't work.

Or the guy on the A train who was moaning about being late for work because the trains were so messed up the weekend after. "goddammit I am going be late for work!! Damn trains".
He said this as we were going by the Chambers Street stop that was roped off and covered in dust.

Or the guy on the train during the whole thing who was bitching about how crowded and slow the trains were and how he was going to miss his meeting.

I am imaging some idiot politician saying this at the ceremony: "Let us not forget, on the anniversary of 9/11, that NYC, while strong and brave, is also full of self-centered jack-ass f*ck-faces."

No, but really, there were some fine people before and after that whole disaster. But, we always tend to really remember the jerks in life I suppose.

I guess I am now cranky, too.

Congrats on the home for happyrobot! is a remake of a Japanese movie, the ring, which was a huge success several years ago. People in Hollywood can't even do a decent copycat version.
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