Health Insurance sucks my butt
Begin crazed ranting:
So, I got laid off in January, and went on COBRA so I could keep our health insurance. COBRA (via a company called COBRA-SERV) has pretty much sucked.

It’s been a fun adventure…

Like the time my old company neglected to add my name to the roster when they renewed their coverage. We were dropped by Aetna, but no one at CobraServ told us this. For three months we paid them $500 for nothing. We realized there was a problem when a routine medical bill got sent to the house saying that we didn’t have health insurance.
While trying to get this straightened out, my wife was told by Aetna to ‘never call here again – we don’t want to talk you’.
CobraServ apparently doesn’t have a system to check to see if you even have coverage anymore – they just mail you invoices every month.

Recently, while trying to get an issue cleared up with CobraServ, the customer service person said, “oh, the same thing happened to me here – this happens all the time”.

And then tonight, Mrs. Robot opens this month’s bill, and our balance has gone up. They want us to pay $1000 a month for health insurance.
It just went up. Why? We aren’t sure yet (especially since we are not supposed to call Aetna or someshit).

1000$ a month for health insurance?!
We are two, relatively normal people with pretty basic health care needs. No major problems so far (knock on wood). 1000$ a month is a nice chunk of our paycheck.

Needless to say we are dropping Cobra, and now trying to move onto getting insurance on our own (or until one of us gets a job that offers it).

It just sucks.
Healthcare. Tonight on the MacNeil/Lehrer News hour thing on PBS, they had a whole talk about the healthcare crisis in the United States and how thousands of people are walking around uninsured – and now I am feeling so topical. Look! I am a news maker! I am part of a graph or pie chart!
Look at me!
Invite me to your parties and your friend’s will be so impressed with my personal involvement with a major news story.

“Middle east? Bah! This guy is an example of the health care crisis.”

Ugh. I feel sick.

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