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teens, Lawrence of Arabia, and HonkyCracker

Damn you Caffeine
Caffeine wrecks havoc on my body sometimes, yet I consume buckets of it every morning. Today being Monday, I decided to start a new half-regular / half caffeine regiment. Hopefully I will not become cranky, but if I do, I am very sorry.

Who writes that one? Well, you see, it's anonymous. I can't tell you why it's anonymous, and I can't tell you who writes it - so don't ask. No, don't. Put the pen down.
Pr0n+Pixels will be documenting the process in creating and publishing adult websites on the web. I have always wondered who made these things, and who funded them, and if they made money… and hopefully we will find out for ourselves.

HonkeyCracker World tour
Chris made an appearance in the big stink this weekend, and we took him out for drinks and food. He's a nice fella and we all had a good time. Two observations:

1. Maybe I am revealing too much, but he kept getting these phone calls all night. Over and over. When he picked up it was static. Finally, he answered it and it was an old roommate. Calling from Amsterdam. Wanting to borrow $600 for a root canal. Somebody's life sucks right now (and I think it's the root canal guy's).

2. We took him to a bar for drinks, and then dinner, and then to another bar. All three places were very nice and not crowded and quiet. I think that could be my new skill - find me a quiet bar in the east village on a Saturday night.

We saw 24 Hour Party Pony Panties People this weekend at the Sunshine. Fun movie, I recommend it. Though it did make me realize that I really never liked the Happy Mondays.

Sunday night we saw Lawrence of Arabia. This is supposed to be a new print of it with super sound or something. Or maybe I misheard. But, it is a very 'big' film, and entertaining even at 3+ hours.
The film is beautiful, though. I was touting the ol' digital movie thing recently, but in comparison, the technology isn't even close. We sat really close to the screen, and being close meant just seeing more details - not pixels.
This movie just makes me want to kick George Lucas in the balls for his two lame ass attempts at continuing my generation's big movie epic. George should have to watch 'Lawrence' 12 times before he does the next joke of a Star Wars film. George and his lame ass CGI... that wiener.

Today, I am going to look up reviews of this film of the web, mainly because I found Peter O'Toole's character so amazingly nutty.

Amazing Shitz

Again with the teens
I guess I am at the cusp of middle-age. I know this because I get annoyed by the teens all too often. Most likely this is due to the following things:

1. As a teen, I was as / or more obnoxious as the teens I cringe at now.
2. My parents were right about things. The parents were always saying things to imply that what we were going through, they went through the same thing. There is no difference in the generations and so depressing to think that we thought we were so unique.
3. As a youngster and teen, we all have to go through this pop-culture assembly line whether we like it or not. No matter how cool we are now, as teens, we all gladly swallowed whatever the American Pop Culture machine told us to.

But, I guess complaining about the teens is a broken record in itself.
OK, so why did I get this bug up my mysteriously hairy butt? Of all things, I was reading a column written by Dave Barry. Now, Mr. Barry is a bit of a guilty pleasure from my childhood when I used to think he was so funny. I still read him now and again, but his humor can be so wanna-be clever and overly silly, that I am not his biggest fan anymore.

He writes an article about the teens, and some teacher in some state has her class read the article and then write some responses to it. The article's gist was how entertainment obsessed the teens are and how they don't read the paper.
I doubt this is any different from when I was a kid. I mean, I read the paper religiously, but I was kind of a dork for doing it. I don't think any of my friends ever did. But the point is some of the responses he got:
"when you talk about this stuff make it interesting. Like when we kill a terrorist, don't just say he died, say he blew up in a million pieces or something like that."

''Another thing that would sell good to kids is by typing bigger.''

That last quote I realize completely explains why our site has so few teen readers - font size.
(oh, and they could also think the site is "f*cking faggit bitches stupid site get a life!!!!")

In fairness to today's youth, It kind of is. (F*cking faggit bitches stupid site get a life!!!!, I mean.)
»matthew ||  url || 10/14/2002 ||  12:28:12 PM
you mean the font size? or the amount of fagit bitches suck shitheads git a life?
»:r ||  10/14/2002 ||  3:40:33 PM

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