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Crankiest Little Robot House in Brooklyn

What do you call this?
Last night at 2am our upstairs neighbors decided it would be a good time to build furniture or re-arrange their room or just drop shit on the floor over and over again.
I am a late night person myself (or used to be) and I know all about staying up late and doing things and making things and breaking things. But, I am sure I never did that when I lived in a building with little to none sound proofing and above someone's bedroom.
What are they thinking?
They know that this building has no sound proofing. I am sure their neighbors make noise, too.

But being jarred out of your sleep every 20 minutes when they drop something or drag it across the floor makes for a very cranky worker bee.

I know it's due to me being slightly sleep deprived, but what do you call it when you just start hating everybody?
I am on the platform waiting for the train and looking at the smirky white kids who look just like me and I want to start smacking them.

I am so tired of smirky and white.
I am so tired of clever and ironic.
But, don't think this means I am moving to middle america USA to get in touch with the "real" people, because I don't think I like them that much either.
Just tired I suppose.

Keeping it real
Whenever I am in laundry-mat they have some sort of music TV thing on and invariably some celebrity will mention that they are trying to "keep it real" and I always think of Chris Rock and mumble, "real stupid".

Someone tell me what keeping it real really entails. What are the requirements? Don't you think if we all "kept it real" this place would be unbearable? I think there is a certain amount of politeness that goes with a civil society, and being "real" doesn't really give room to being polite or considerate.
Case in point, our neighbor Tom Stompalot was totally keeping it real when he decided to move his furniture.
"It's 2:15am, but I really should move my dresser to the other side of the room and build these shelves - cuz that is what I want to do, and I should be true to myself, keep it real yo."

What's the answer? What is the opposite of keeping it real?
How should I be keeping it?

Kind of real?
Quasi real?
Half real?
Politely real?

(just ignore me today)

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