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you can't trust the journalists

Hey Wait
Tuesday was a strange GBV-centric day.
Their cd Under the Bushes - Under the Stars was on all day, and then last night Mrs. Robot comes across an article about them, and we realize that the nice Jami person writing the article mentions our friend Joanna. Kind of. Not by name, but we know she was at this GBV meet-n-greet, and the description of her is pretty good. It's a fine article, but I had to laugh at this line:
"You don't want to talk to the press right now, you can't trust the journalists!"

Actually, I read some of her other words, and they were all good, too. Like this one.

Abusing my Jedi skills
I think anyone who has seen those damn Star Wars films would agree that the ability to have objects 'jump' into your hands would be neat. I am just realizing that if I had that power, I would be using it for the most mundane things. For instance, here at work:
- grabbing my water bottle from the other side of the room
- lifting baby carrots up to my mouth
- walking by the printer and just having my documents zoom out into my hands

The Jedi folks would always be like, "dude, you keep doing that you won't have any Jedi Juice left."
And I will be like, "Yea, so what?"
And they will be like, "But you can't waste it like.. *BONK* .. Stop hitting me with carrots"

Joke Time
I heard this on the radio yesterday. It's a knock-knock joke that is better told than read, but you are all clever, right?

me: knock knock
you: who's there?
me: interupting cow
you: interupting -
me: (interupts) moo!

Shout out to MatthewS
Matthew is becoming the movie man, bravely seeing movies and writing very nice two sentence reviews. Kudos!!

The people at my work
I work in an abandoned conference room. The people I work with work on another floor. I am stuck on the floor with the Sales people.
I mean, I do have my own room with a door. It's very quiet in here. There are large windows allowing me to see into the office and allowing them to see me.
Sometime I feel like a zoo animal.
There is this one jolly sales guy who is really friendly to everyone, but I swear I think he has started glaring at me in my cage.
What is up with that?
Sales. What can you do?

Is it because of my luxurious hair? My scuffed up shoes? My smashing trousers?
My GBV blasting headphones?

Good golly, the writers are blooming like flowers
This has been a banner week for new writers on the robot. Exciting, yes! The newest one, Klutch.xls, is written by a fellow named Chris R, but not the Chris R. who writes HonkyCracker. To make it even more confusing, they are both in Boston (so there goes my ability to label them as 'Chris in Boston').
What's up Boston?!

New Features
After I work out all the bugs on the current happyrobot site, I guess I can work on other features. Drop me a line (or one of them emails) about anything you might like to see on the robot. Something not work the way you think it should?
More nudity?
More puppies?

me: knock knock.
you: who's there?
me: I'm a pile-up
you:.. (go ahead. finish it.)
»chris ||  10/16/2002 ||  11:20:48 AM

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