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Um, he's just giving it away?

Damn advertising
Chevrolet has this new ad that has been on the My.Yahoo pages today featuring Prince, Elton John, and I think the Beach Boys.
The reason I mention this is that the damn ad has sound on it. Elton John was blasting out of my computer speakers here at work. I don't need that kind of grief.

Um, he's just giving it away?
Hey anybody want a car? Seriously, I have a 92 Eagle Talon with 67,000 miles, that I am about to donate to some charity for the blind. But I'm thinking.....Blind people should not drive, right?. So if anyone wants it, they can have it. It's in perfect running order - everything works great, starts everyday. Cosmetically a bit worn, but nothing serious.

Lemme Know

The anarchy kids
You know, every town now seems to have packs of these homeless kids. I call them the anarchist kids. I don't know why - maybe someone told me to. But, you know the ones. The pierced homeless people with dogs. The ones who used to really haunt Avenue A and call you a yuppie f*cker if you didn't have any change.

They always seem to have a dog with them, and so often I find myself thinking, "that poor dog" and totally not noticing the human sitting near them. What that means, I don't know. Dogs, I suppose, have never called me, "f*cking bastard".

I mean, I feel sad for these people. I can't imagine what being homeless is like. I am such a big baby when it comes to some stuff - I'd last all of 2 minutes on 'the streets'. But, I also want to come up to them and slap them and say, "Why the hell are you homeless in NYC?!".
This town is tough enough when you have a damn job, if I was homeless I'd be booking it across the George Washington Bridge pronto. NYC has to be about one of the worst places to be homeless in the USA. Go to California. Go to Florida. Go anywhere.
Get out of NYC.
It costs too much money. There are no good places to hide and crash. It's really unsafe on the streets. The people aren't very homeless friendly. The economy is tanking.

Harpers Index.
Will I be breaking a law if I quote them here? I bet I will, but they take their own sweet time posting their index, and I think is pretty timely, so here I go:
Number of reports that President Bush referred to on September 7 as evidence of Iraq's nuclear threat: 2

Last year in which the agency Bush cited as the reports' authors had new information on Iraq's nuclear program: 1998


New Robot Filter Contributor
Hello to Evan. "Evan F", that is. Evan joins us from sunny New York City where he bides his time taking pictures and thinking about the girl in the Mac switch ad.

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