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poop and butts and boogers

Max Story #458
One more story from Scott about his nice young son, Max.
I have two problems.

1. Every night at about 5:30 the phone starts ringing. People trying to sell me stuff, sign me up for stuff, and survey me about stuff.

2. Max loves to talk endlessly on the phone about robots, poop, his butt, boogers, and anything else you can think of.

Tonight, I had a eureka moment.

Whenever the phone rang and the caller id said 'unknown caller', i handed the phone to max and said this person likes to talk about poop and butts and boogers and stuff why don't you tell this person everything you know. And boy, did he. "hello? i have poop. do you like robots? i like to eat peanut butter. do you know my school? what is your name? sometimes i eat my boogers. do you like halloween? hello?"


You gonna vote?
These elections for governor and senate and whatnot are the ones that affect us much more on a day-to-day level than whoever is in the white house could.
So, go vote.

Girls love Athlete's Foot
The other day I walked past the Athlete's Foot store on 32nd and they were having an autograph session with two overly curvy Playboy playmates. I thought that was... odd.
I suppose it has something to do with trying to figure out the relationship between sneakers and plastic boobies.
I went on the store's website looking for some great hypocritical quotes from their corporate statement or something, but found nothing. You know, I was looking for statements like, "Children are our future" or "We don't objectify women". Nothing. Oh well.

On the Playboy theme, I came across the MTV Cribs episode where they go to the Playboy Mansion. The only reason I watched any of it was that when we came in, there was a playmate gal who was showing the camera her pet monkey.
Pet. Monkey.

But, as I noticed and Mr. Hefner mentioned, he is in his platinum blonde phase now. They did a shot of him and a bunch of the girls and it was like a Pamela Anderson convention. They all looked the same. It was kind of creepy.
I am so looking forward to the blonde backlash.

"Like College"
This weekend was one of those lazy weekends where we stayed up way too late hanging out, drinking, and listening to music and then days of eating and lounging. I did nothing. Ingested lots of stuff. Slept. Probably gained weight.

Yes! Blonde Backlash! I can't stand those people. I have no Blonds friends and I am proud of it.
»klutch.xls ||  11/4/2002 ||  10:51:45 AM
i love max stories. i think my favorite still stands at "decoration ghost".
»lisa ||  11/4/2002 ||  11:07:28 AM
more max stories! I think there should be a max journal.
Rich, you rock.
»potro ||  11/4/2002 ||  11:33:51 AM
hey. i'm max's dad. i'm glad you like our stories.

Why does rich rock? They're OUR STORIES.

»scott ||  url || 11/4/2002 ||  12:53:32 PM
i actually talked to scott about making a 'max' journal, but i think we have worked out a system of him just sending me stories and i post them.
»:r ||  11/4/2002 ||  2:31:32 PM
"sometimes I eat my boogers."
SOMEtimes? Man, at that age, kids are virtual booger factories! I think it's time that kid bottled some up and sold it to the general public!
We demand more boogers.
»chris ||  11/4/2002 ||  4:13:52 PM

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